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Windows users should be familiar with Task Manager, and the Task manager for Windows can clearly view system resources and program processes, as well as to end programs or processes that have problems. Compared to previous versions of Windows Task Manager, Task Manager in Windows 8 has some improvements and optimizations in functionality, so take a look.

There are many ways to open Win8 's task Manager: for example, press the shortcut key "Win+x" in the Win8 Start screen to select Task Manager from the system features menu in the lower left corner of the screen, press the "CTRL+SHIFT+ESC" key combination to open directly, or press "ctrl+alt+ Delet "key combination and select Task Manager, you can also select Task Manager from the right-click menu of the traditional desktop taskbar, and you can enter taskmgr in the Run box after pressing WIN+R and so on, you can choose the way you like to open the Win8 task Manager.

The first time you open the Task Manager for the WIN8 system, you will find that the interface is very concise, because Win8 's task Manager provides both a concise and a detailed view of two viewing modes, in which WIN8 displays the currently running program. If you want to end an application, select the target application, and then click the "End Task" button in the lower-right corner.

If you want to see more details, click the "Details" button in the lower-left corner of the WIN8 Task Manager panel. The WIN8 Task Manager details mode provides seven tabs for process, performance, application history, startup, users, details, services, and more detailed system information. The older version of Windows Task Manager has only six options for applications, processes, services, performance, networking, users, and so on.

The "process" of WIN8 task management actually combines the contents of the two tabs of older applications and processes, where we can view both the application in use and the background process, as well as visually see the CPU, memory, disk, network, and other system resources occupied. When there is no response to the program or the resource is too high, the new Win8 Task Manager will give a red eye-catching logo.

Right-click a program or process in Win8 task Manager to see rich viewing and control options. Complex process names are often inscrutable to ordinary users, and the WIN8 Task Manager adds "online Search" to the right-click menu, and if the user wants to learn more about which process, click on this option to go to IE to search for the relevant details.

Diagram: Win8 Task Manager

Diagram: Win7 Task Manager

In the Performance tab, we can see the detailed and clear charts provided by the WIN8 Task Manager, which show the computer's resource usage in terms of CPU, memory, disk, network, and trend charts.

The Application History tab records the history of the application in the WIN8 system to make it easier for users to query the current user's resource usage, and to learn about the CPU time, network usage, etc. of the program that was used.

The Launch tab lists the boot process for the WIN8 system, similar to the previous "msconfig" command, which automatically reads startup items from the Startup folder and the registry to facilitate user management of the boot entry.

On the details page, we can clearly see the program name, PID, status, user name, CPU, memory, and so on all aspects of information.

In the Services tab, we can see the service information for the system and the corresponding description and status, and provide the "Open service" button below the interface. If we use the right mouse button to click on specific services, you can also see a richer menu of control.

Compared to previous Windows task management, the WIN8 system's Task Manager provides both brief and detailed information to meet the needs of quickly viewing and ending applications in use, as well as users ' detailed understanding and management of applications, services, background processes, and so on. At the same time, the task Manager of WIN8 system contains more rich view and control options, it can be more convenient to master the operation of the system task in an interface, and realize the optimization of the function. Friends who are already using the WIN8 system may wish to try.

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