Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (50) Input: Edge gestures, gesture manipulation, gesture recognition

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Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps gesture

Monitoring Edge gestures

Gesture manipulation-Application of Manipulate (displacement gestures, scaling gestures, rotating gestures)

Gesture recognition-the application of Gesturerecognizer


1. Demonstrate how to monitor edge gestures


    x:class= "XamlDemo.Input.Touch.EdgeGestureDemo"
    xmlns= " /xaml/presentation "
    xmlns:x=" Http:// "
    xmlns:local=" using: XamlDemo.Input.Touch "
    xmlns:d=" "
    xmlns:mc=" http:// "
    mc:ignorable=" D ">
    <grid background=" Transparent ">
        <stackpanel margin=" 0 0 0 ">
            <textblock name=" lblmsg "fontsize=" 14.667 "/>


* * Demonstrates how to monitor edge gestures * * edgegesture-edge gesture Help class * Getforcurrentview ()-Get current Edgegesture object * Starting-edge gesture start     Event to Trigger * Completed-the event that is triggered after the edge gesture is completed * Canceled-event triggered after edge gesture cancellation * * Edgegestureeventargs-event parameters after triggering edge gesture events *
Edgegesturekind-Edge gesture input type (touch, keyboard, Mouse) * * using System;
Using Windows.UI.Input;
Using Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls; Namespace XamlDemo.Input.Touch {public sealed partial class Edgegesturedemo:page {public Edgegesturede Mo () {this.
            InitializeComponent ();
            Edgegesture edgegesture = Edgegesture.getforcurrentview ();
            edgegesture.canceled + = edgegesture_canceled;
            edgegesture.completed + = edgegesture_completed;
        Edgegesture.starting + = edgegesture_starting; } void Edgegesture_starting (edgegesture sender, Edgegestureeventargs args) {Lblmsg.text
            + = "Edgegesture starting"; Lblmsg.text += Environment.NewLine;  } void Edgegesture_completed (edgegesture sender, Edgegestureeventargs args) {Lblmsg.text
            + = "Edgegesture Completed";
        Lblmsg.text + = Environment.NewLine; } void Edgegesture_canceled (edgegesture sender, Edgegestureeventargs args) {Lblmsg.text
            + = "Edgegesture Canceled";
        Lblmsg.text + = Environment.NewLine; }

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