Windows 8 System does not open Dolby sound-efficient solution

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Dolby Driver is unable to control the audio, Win8 audio is still controlled by the self driven. After half an hour of perseverance, found a new installation of Dolby Driver method, special to share (install the official drive after the default to open the Dolby sound effect of friends can ignore this post, this paste suitable for the official sound card driver after the No Dolby sound effect of friends, Do not attempt to install if there is no Pcee4 folder in the official driver compression package or if the Dolby installation file is not found

1. Download the official sound card driver, for example, I downloaded the Realtek driver in Acer's official website (do not use driver update software download driver, must be the official driver, some brands must use the earlier official Realtek drive to successfully install Dolby Sound plug-ins)

2 Uninstall the installed sound card driver

3 after the installation of the following steps to install the official drive, the installation is completed please do not restart, pay attention to the official drive compression folder inside, there is a pcee4 folder, open after the Dolby Sound Plug-ins, find Dolbyadvancedaudio, run installation

4 reboot after the Dolby sound effect, and is full control (if the reboot after the discovery of the Dolby plug-in failed to load, please repair the installation of Dolby Plug-in)

Again, my Acer does not take Dolby sound effect, look for the box and the fuselage label also did not see Dolby label, this method can be installed after the Dolby sound effect.

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