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First, PPPoE broadband access

PPPoE is based on Ethernet card point-to-point connection, in layman's terms, is our computer directly connected to the modem to dial the Internet mode.

There is no connection information on a computer that does not have a PPPoE broadband connection set up, and we need to create a new one.

First step: In the network and Sharing Center, click Set new Connection or network in the Change network settings on the right, select Connect to Internet, and click Next.

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If your computer is already connected to the Internet in other ways, the following prompts appear, and click Set New Connection.

▲ Connect to the Internet

If the computer already has other network connections set up, this will show the user selection in the list to avoid duplicate creation of the same connection. Click No, create a new connection, and then click Next.

▲ Create a new connection

Step two: Windows 8 asks for the form of a connection, offers both broadband (PPPoE) and dial-up options, and clicks the Broadband (PPPoE) we need.

▲ Connection mode

Step three: Then enter the broadband account in the "username" of the list and enter the broadband password in "password". Home users generally need to check the "Remember this password" next time you do not need to enter the password repeatedly, check "display characters" can see the password you entered can check whether the correct. Connection name you can use the default or you can own a flashy name, if the same computer has more than one user, it is recommended to check "allow others to use this connection."

▲ Enter ISP information

Finally click "Connect", if the broadband username password is not input error, the hardware device is working well, you can use broadband Internet.

Tip: When you set up a broadband connection, turning off the computer and then opening it will not automatically connect. The easiest way to do this is to click the Network icon in the tray, select the broadband connection in the right side of the pop-up bar, and then click Connect.

▲ Broadband Connection

When we change our Internet service provider (ISP) or we no longer use the PPPoE broadband connection, we need to modify or delete the broadband connection.

Open Network and Sharing Center, click Internet Options in the left sidebar, and then select the Connections tab.

▲internet Options

In the list of dial-up and virtual private network settings, you can see the network connection that you have saved, and if you need to delete it, click Delete on the right. If you need to modify, click Settings on the right.

▲ Dialing Settings

Here, not only can modify the broadband account password, but also to the Proxy service settings.

Tip: If you are not connected to broadband on purpose or because of hardware problems, Windows 8 detects a connection with broadband and so on, and then prompts you on the desktop with constant attempts to connect. At this point, we will "dial regardless of whether the network connection is present" to "Never dial connection".

Second, wireless network access

If your computer has a wireless card, you can have your computer connect to the wireless network and use the Internet. The benefits of wireless network access are many, such as to minimize the complexity of wiring, the scope of the liberation of Computer mobile, of course, there are also bad places, such as the transmission of data by electromagnetic field can easily cause packet loss, and network stability than wired poor.

Windows 8 has a larger range of changes on wireless network connections, discarding traditional pop-up windows and using the right sidebar for network connections.

First click on the network icon in the tray to see if flight mode is turned on on the right side of the pop-up bar and turn it off if it is turned on. Then find the private wireless network SSID (wireless network broadcast name) in Wi-Fi, and click Connect.

▲ Wireless Connection

Then, enter the security key for the private wireless network in the white box, and if you feel the input is wrong, click the Eye icon on the right to see what you have entered, confirm it and click Next.

▲ Enter password

If the network security key is entered correctly, the computer is already able to connect to the Internet over a wireless network and begin to use it. Of course, the last step in wireless network connectivity is to enable sharing between computers and connect to devices on this network. In general, if you have two or more computers connected to a wireless network, and you need to share files, printers, and so on, click the second item "Yes, enable sharing and connect to a device for your home or work network," or click the first item "No, do not enable sharing or connecting to a network that the device uses in public places."

▲ whether to share

Advanced use:

On a network that is already connected, right-click to set show/hide estimated data usage, set to connect by flow/No flowmeter fee, forget this network, turn on or turn off sharing, view connection properties

▲ Properties

Shows or hides the expected data usage and can show or hide the amount of time and traffic from when you first intervened in the network. Click Reset to return the count to 0 to start again.

Set to connect by flow or no flow rate, you can let Windows 8 determine whether to automatically start Windows updates and download updated hardware drivers from the network.

Forget this network, you can let Windows 8 forget this connection's password, sharing settings and other information, equivalent to "never connected to this network."

Enable or turn off sharing, which is the same as the third step to connecting to a wireless network, where manual modifications can be made.

View connection properties, where you can modify the wireless network password and encryption method, as well as some wireless network connection settings.

Third, VPN access

Because of China's network environment, sometimes we need to visit foreign sites are blocked (such as Facebook), this time we need VPN access. The Chinese name of the VPN is a virtual private network, it is a kind of technology that builds the private network on the basis of public Internet, rather than the real network, so it becomes the virtual private network. Its main function is to provide secure and reliable network access, and has a strong ability to break through the network blockade.

VPN access, the first need in the VPN service site to apply for VPN account, this part of the reader to explore their own.

After you obtain a VPN network account, use the steps similar to PPPoE broadband access, open network and Sharing Center, select Connect to Workspace when you select a connection option, and then click Use my Internet connection (VPN).

▲ Establish VPN

Finally, in the Internet address, enter the address provided by the VPN provider, click "Create".

▲ Create VPN

It should be noted that in general, the VPN service provider, in addition to providing Internet address, will also provide a username and password (usually the same as the registered user name and password). When you have finished setting, click the System Tray Network icon, you can see the VPN connection in the right-hand sidebar, and click "Connect" to enter the VPN network.

▲ View

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