Windows 8.1 automatic reconnection of VPN disconnection (used when VPN is used on campus and internet), 8.1vpn

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Windows 8.1 automatic reconnection of VPN disconnection (used when VPN is used on campus and internet), 8.1vpn


    First, right-click my computer, Open Computer Management, select "Task Scheduler", and then click "Create task"


    Show as shown in, (the bold font must be filled in accurately)

    Fill in basic information in the "regular" column

    Name: vpn (whatever)

    Description: casual

    User Group: Select whether to run the user after Logon (not changed by default)

    Configuration: Windows8.1


    Click "Trigger" in the second column.

    Click "CREATE" to go to the "Create trigger" page.

    Start task: select when an event occurs

    Set: Select basic

    Log: select Microsoft-Windows-NetworkProfile/Operational

    Source: Operational

    Event ID: Enter 10001.


    Then select the three columns "operation"

    Click "CREATE" to go to the "Create operation" page.

    Operation: start the program

    Set: Enter the script field in the script field.Rasdial

    Enter the following format for adding parameters:"VPN connection name" user name and password

    (The VPN connection name must already exist to ensure successful dialing. Note that the VPN name is enclosed in double quotation marks)

    Click OK. The configuration is complete.


    There are "conditions", "Settings" and other columns. You do not need to modify them by default. You can set the replay time, number of times, and so on.

    P.S. to prevent non-network connections (such as network disconnection) from retrying connections, you can check the condition "start only when the following network connections are available" and select the primary network used to connect to the Internet.

    In this way, the configuration is successful.

    Note: how to select the event log filter ?? Here is what I found from the system event log, and the following will be my search process. Open Control Panel> system and security> management tools, double-click event viewer and open "Windows Log" and "application and Service Log-" Microsoft-> Windows "in the left column. The useful event logs are basically in the column. I found the regular network connection disconnection event in the NetworkProfile of the latter and added it to the filter to execute VPN reconnection as a trigger.

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