Windows 8.1 Update: Updating to OneDrive

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1. OneDrive Recycle Bin Management is part of the OneDrive application and does not require users to onedrive the site for management?

Answer: No. There is no such ability in this update.

2. What will Microsoft do if the customer gets the OneDrive storage space expired through promotions? such as: I have 5GB of free storage space, let me put photos and files, if the promotion expired, I did not pay for increased storage space, what will happen?

A: If you use all the space, including purchase and promotion (free) space, and choose not to increase the storage space to pay, there will be no data loss. The only limitation is that you cannot save other files to OneDrive.

3. Questions about linking OneDrive content to shared Links: Why do I get a long link instead of a friendlier short link?

A: On the web, there is an option to get a short link, but there is no such feature in the modern app.

4. Can I uninstall OneDrive?

Answer: No. However, there is a group policy that blocks OneDrive.

5. When will the OneDrive be available to the public?

Answer: The troubleshooter is now available. Look at the "Attention" section. You can also find the troubleshooter starting April 8, 2014.

6. Are there any changes in the OneDrive certification process?

A: Users need to log in using the Microsoft account.

7. If the customer turns on the sync feature on the SkyDrive and updates to OneDrive, will duplicate files appear on OneDrive and SkyDrive folders?

Answer: No. The SkyDrive folder name changes but no duplicate data appears.

8. If the skydrive/onedrive is broken, how to fix it? (after uninstalling the upgrade)

A: To fix OneDrive, users should reinstall Windows 8.1 Update (KB2919355) First

9. Is there any way to prevent OneDrive from starting when the system starts? For example, a customer does not want to run OneDrive at every logon.

A: You cannot disable OneDrive at system startup, but you can use the new feature to "Pause synchronization." You can stop synchronization by turning off the Sync folder option. This effectively turns off OneDrive, even if it is restarted.

is OneDrive activated by default?

Answer: Yes. However, a Microsoft account login is required to enter the OneDrive. The sync function can be turned off if needed.

11. If the customer uses Office 2013 pro,skydrive will also be renamed SkyDrive Pro?

A: SkyDrive Pro has been officially renamed OneDrive Business.

12. Is it the only Windows 8.1 user that can browse the linked picture?

Answer: No.

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