Windows Charles Response garbled solution

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The emergence of mobile internet, more and more development needs to adapt to the mobile phone, in order to test the mobile phone applications, the best way to develop is through the agent to check the mobile phone network request situation.

has been using the Windows version of Charles to do proxy, and later found that the return of the response will appear in Chinese garbled situation, but because of lazy reasons, has not been in-depth to understand, on-line search is a Mac version of the solution, and then not the cicada, instead of using Fiddler. But recently, from Charles above to proxy an HTTPS site to understand the information, so re-examined, found Charles The Windows version of the installation directory also has a Charles.ini configuration file, open file research a bit, ha, there are similar configurations, so the code down to the people in need. Com.xk72.charles.gui.mainwithclassloadervm.version.min=1.4vm.heapsize.preferred=256mvm.location=jre\bin\client \[errormessages ]java.not.found=a suitable Java installation is not found. Visit Install java installation is broken. Uninstall and reinstall Java from

Can be found that there are two parameters left Vmarg.1 and vmarg2, then we can directly add a vmarg.3 directly put the coding parameters in it? Test it now. Com.xk72.charles.gui.mainwithclassloadervm.version.min=1.4vm.heapsize.preferred=256mvm.location=jre\bin\client \ Systemsingle.instance=dde[errormessages]java.not.found=a suitable Java installation is not found. Visit Install java installation is broken. Uninstall and reinstall Java from

effect, cured for many years of legacy problems, haha

Windows Charles Response garbled solution

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