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Today is nothing to do, want to find something to toss down, and then see a Debian 7 x64 system environment Configuration ARIA2 and Web Management Panel tutorial, for the Linux server. But many people do not have a server, do not know what is Aria2, but also do not know how to configure, online tutorials are basically the same, there is no good looking, so today to teach you how to configure ARIA2 on Windows, the steps based on that article improved.

A lot of people haven't heard of ARIA2,ARIA2.

ARIA2 Introduction

ARIA2 is a multi-platform lightweight, support HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent and other multi-protocol, multi-source command-line download tool. ARIA2 can download resources from multiple sources, multiple protocols, and leverage your bandwidth to the fullest extent possible. ARIA2 has a very small resource footprint, in the case of shutting down the disk cache, the physical memory consumption is typically 4M (in the case of a normal http/ftp download), and BitTorrent downloads per second 2.8m/s, the CPU share is approximately 6%. ARIA2 supports remote invocation of JSON-RPC and XML-RPC interfaces.
(translated from: ARIA2)

Many people in Windows may have used Internet Download Manager, which is a very useful multi-threaded download tool. Aria2 similar to IDM, not only can be multi-threaded download, but also through a multi-source download, the simple is to download a file from multiple mirror servers at the same time, ARIA2 also support BT protocol, make up for the IDM only support HTTP and FTP pain points.

Well, nonsense not much to say, the tutorial begins.

Download Aria2 and WEB admin panel crap

ARIA2 is a command line download tool, so the use of the time to knock command, but every download a file to knock a command, too much trouble, then what? ARIA2 supports remote interface calls, just configure a WEB admin panel to manage Aira2 in the browser

1. Download and unzip the ARIA2 main program

Go to download ARIA2 main program

Here are the different platforms of the compression package, Windows download [win-32bit] or [win-64bit], download, unzip, extract to the remaining space is relatively large place, do not unzip on the desktop.

2. Download and unzip the WEB admin panel

Go to download Web admin panel, download the first ZIP archive, unzip it after downloading.

3. Download the WEB server

Click Https:// to download the WEB server and unzip it after downloading.

Install/Configure ARIA2 and WEB admin panel

1. Click Https:// to download the ARIA2 profile and extract it to the ARIA2 directory.


The default is configured, if you need to change the configuration, with Notepad and other text editor, open aria2.conf, there are corresponding comments, here are some of the more important parameters.

The file is saved in the directory and is downloaded to the Download folder of the ARIA2 directory by default.

The hard disk cache, the default 32M, is to cache the data in memory.

File pre-distribution mode, configuration file has speed comparison, specific look at your hard disk, mechanical hard disk with the default none do not pre-distribution, solid-state drive can choose Falloc.

Whether RPC,RPC is enabled is the remote calling interface, on: True, off: false.
RPC Authorization token, if the authorization token is enabled, remote management will require the input token, minus # to enable, default authorization token:

The remaining parameter profiles are commented, and more parameters can be found in the official documentation (English).

After modifying, remember to restart ARIA2

2. Click Https:// to download the Aria2 control script and extract it to the ARIA2 directory.

Start Aria2 with command-line window output

Start Aria2 without a command line window

Stop ARIA2

View ARIA2 process Status

Restart ARIA2

Turn on or off Aria2 boot

Run Start.vbs or Start.bat start Aria2

A firewall warning appears for the first run, allowing you to do so.

3. Open the Web server directory, open easywebsvr.exe→ Click on the bottom of the hammer icon →[set]→[home directory] set as Web admin Panel directory →[OK]→ Click on the bottom of the hammer icon →[start the server]

If you do not want to build a Web server, direct access to also.

If you see a condition such as 404 that cannot be accessed, check that the home directory is correct or restart the Web server.

[Boot autorun] requires administrator privileges to run

Turn off server: Right-click tray icon SELECT [Close Server]

After configuring the server The second run will not display the interface, run in the background.

When the 4.WEB server is turned on, the browser accesses http://localhost/to access the WEB admin panel.

Set Chinese method: Click [Ariang settings]→[language] SELECT [English]

5. [ARIA2 status] If the display is connected, congratulations, Aria2 build successfully, if the display is not connected, check whether the ARIA2 is turned on normally, or restart ARIA2.

Aria2 How to use

WEB Management Panel Click [New], you can add HTTP, FTP, BT task, and so on, add more than one task per line of a URL, add the mirror URL separated by a space, click the folder icon to open the seed file and so on.

If you're using a Chrome browser, you can use the Https:// extension to let ARIA2 Download the file, other browsers please find your own extension.

    1. After the WEB admin panel deletes the download task, ARIA2 does not delete the downloaded file or cache and needs to go to the download folder to delete it.
    2. The same LAN, other devices enter the current device intranet IP address, you can access the Web management interface.
    3. The browser closes the WEB admin panel and does not affect Aria2 download.

In the tutorial there is not understand or wrong place, give me a message.

Windows configuration Aria2 and Web management panel tutorials

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