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Windows batch files do not have a Linux-like sleep function for latency processing, there are 2 more practical ways to implement latency:

1, the use of wscirpt sleep function, precision 0.001 seconds

Create a VBS delay file, and then invoke it in a batch file, using the WScript sleep function, to achieve the effect of sleep.

Actual combat:

1 Create file Sleep.vbs:

echo Wscript.Sleep 5000 > Sleep.vbs

Sleep.vbs contents are as follows:

Wscript.Sleep 5000.

2 in a batch file, create the sample file Test.bat, which reads as follows:

Copy Code code as follows:

sc stop Oracleoradb10g_home1tnslistener
Wscript Sleep.vbs
SC start Oracleoradb10g_home1tnslistener

2, the use of ping timing function, precision 1 seconds

Combat: Create the sample file Test2.bat, which reads as follows:

Copy Code code as follows:

sc stop Oracleoradb10g_home1tnslistener
Ping-n 3>nul
SC start Oracleoradb10g_home1tnslistener

Note: 3 for Ping packet send number, can be used as a delay of seconds, need to delay a few seconds to set a few.

>nul avoids the screen output and enters the output into the empty device because no result is required and only its timing function is used.

3, there are two ways to achieve sleep function

One is through continuous reading system time, comparison, to achieve a certain value to quit the realization of sleep function, but this operation should consume CPU larger, not recommended.

The other is a German man's approach, directly using the Debug method to generate a timer program, this method may damage the stability of the system, or easily implanted virus (using other people's code), also not recommended.

Copy Code code as follows:

echo Q | Debug>nul
echo Bj@jzh ' 0x-'/ppppppa (DE (DM) ("Do" ("Dh" (Ls () (LX) (lezrr]eeeuyrx2dx=>
Echo 0dxfp,0xx.t0p,=xtgsb4o@$? Piyu Wwx0gwuy wv;ovbx2gv0exgiuht6>>
echo t}{z~~ @GwkBG @oekcut ' ~} @MqqBsy sehb~_phxr? @zAB ' lrpeyodt@cj?>>
Echo pky_jn@qekpet@ij?jysjn@rekpet@jj?jygjn@sekkjtlgunw?p@pjirz>>
Echo Lfvaurq? Oyltq@@?~qcool~rdu@?au?@{qoq?@}ikunwpe~fpeqfwh? Vkk>>
echo _gsqocvh{ojeoseiqrma@knefb?p?? Mcjnne~b? M?? Qhetlbgbphexh@e=>>
Echo Esogwtlblk?sfu '? Ldod@@k@xo? Suuda?_fkj@n? Kd@? Ua?? O}hcqoq?? R>>
Echo _oqol? Cla? Ceu?_fu? Uaq? UBD? LOC? ORO? Uol? UOD? OOI? UGL? Lor@yuo?>>
Echo Dsmsqswdor[bqaq? Lua?_l_ounusclooulooduo? Uoe@owh? Uoq? Djtsdm>>
Echo Qtqrk@kcmsulkpcloouloofuo?hwdtqostdbntqrrdsdftlnbtm ' lthkct>>
echo @dmTkRQSoddTT ~? K? OCOQP?o?? Gds?wow? Pgatachqvnntqv_w? A?it\eh>>
echo {zpqpkgk? Jbs? Fqokoh{t?jpvp@iqbdfan? Ohrol? Kj?? Pd~an? Ohrod? G>>
echo Q?? Pgt~b?? Oc~?ipo? T?~u?p~cuo0x>>>sleep.exe

The above code uses batch processing. Use Sleep.exe 10000 time unit is milliseconds

4. Download Sleep.exe files from Cloud Habitat community


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