Windows Server 2008&R2 replication issues (RPC service is not available)

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Some time ago, there is customer feedback there are 1 auxiliary domain control replication problems, reported that the RPC service is not available
Open Event Viewer and discover many event ID 6013 events, System boot time: 45,626,584 seconds, approximately 528 days, system run time exceeds 497 days

The Windows Event log repeats the 5719 event: The RPC server is not available.

Open the cmd window and execute the following command: Netstat-aon | FIND/C/I "TCP" has been tested to discover a large number of server connections, and TCP connections have not been released, such as:

Cause of the problem:
When the WINDOWS2008/WINDOWS2008R2 system runs for more than 497 days, TCP/IP network resources (ports) will not be automatically released, after a period of time, the local network resources will be exhausted. This will cause any components in the system that require network resources to fail to work properly.

Failure phenomena:
1, the same domain control communication anomaly, manifested by the use of domain user login/Remote login error ' and domain control lost contact ' or flashback phenomenon;
2, shared folders, external IP users can not access;
3, the domain name resolution failed;

This issue can be completely resolved by installing a fix

Patch System Requirements:
? Windows Server R2
? Windows Server R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
? Windows Server 2008
? Windows Server Service Pack 2 (SP2)
Restart Requirements:
You must restart the computer after you apply this hotfix.


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You can also choose to download the appropriate package in the following connection: Https://

Windows Server 2008&R2 replication issues (RPC service is not available)

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