Windows installation CENTOS7 Subsystem

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Linux Subsystem for Windows (WSL)

Since the WSL, basically the virtual machine has been saved, for the convenience of Windows, Linux for the development of friendly people, is really a big weapon. Unfortunately, the default system does not have CentOS, and fortunately, Daniel has developed a way to use Docker images to run other Linux distributions. Here are the detailed steps.

First turn on the Linux subsystem feature

This step of the online tutorial a lot, I will not say.

Install a default Linux system

Ubuntu can be selected at WIN10 's own software center

    1. Install Python3 This software is written in Python3, so you have to install Python3.
    2. Download image download Good wsl-distribution-switcher, run the python release Name: Version label, for example python centos:latest , you can go to Dockerhub to see the specific tag.
    3. Install image python release name: Version label, for example, python centos:latest . Some images are in SQUASHFS format, this time to install the relevant Python plug-in, that ispip3 install PySquashfsImage
    4. Switch Linux versions of Python, and you'll see a list of the different Linux in the system

Use Python release Name: Version label to switch to the desired version, such as Python centos:latest

    1. Note at this time the CentOS is still a very basic, many software are not, such as no sudo, which encountered problems, can find the answer on the Internet

Windows installation CENTOS7 Subsystem

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