Windows Mobile 6 SDK setupdll bug

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When you use vs2005 to open the setupdll example program under the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK and try to edit the setup. RC file, the program reports an error. "A resource in this file uses an unknow language: Unknown Language: 0x199, 0x19. Unable to open this file ."


The problem lies in the 32nd rows of language 0409,040 9, which should be language 0x0409, 0x0409



// <Br/> // copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. all rights reserved. <br/> // use of this sample source code is subject to the terms of the Microsoft <br/> // License Agreement under which you licensed this sample source code. if <br/> // you did not accept the terms of the license agreement, you are not <br/> // authorized to use this sample source code. for the terms of the license, <B R //> // please see the license agreement between you and Microsoft or, if applicable, <br/> // see the license. RTF on your install media or the root of your tools installation. <br/> // The sample source code is provided "as is", with no warranties or indemnities. <br/> // Microsoft Embedded Visual C ++ generated resource script. <br/> // <br/> # include "resrc1.h" </P> <p> # define apstudio_readonly_s Ymbols <br/> /////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// // <br/> // generated from the textinclude 2 resource. <br/> // <br/> # include "resource. H "</P> <p> /////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// ///// <br/> # UNDEF apstudio_readonly_symbols </P> <p> //////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// /// // <br/> // en Glish (U. S.) resources </P> <p> # If! Defined (afx_resource_dll) | defined (afx_targ_enu) <br/> # ifdef _ Win32 <br/> language 0409,040 9 <br/> # pragma code_page (1252) <br/> # endif // _ Win32 </P> <p> # ifdef apstudio_invoked <br/> //////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// /// // <br/> // textinclude <br/> // </P> <p> 1 textinclude discardable <br/> begin <br/> "resrc1.h/0" <br/> end </P> <p> 2 textinclude discardable <BR/> Begin <br/> "# include" "resource. H ""/R/N "<br/>"/0 "<br/> end </P> <p> 3 textinclude discardable <br/> begin <br/> "/R/N" <br/> "/0" <br/> end </P> <p> # endif // apstudio_invoked </P> <p> // //////////////////////////////////////// /// // <br/>/ /<br/> // string table <br/> // </P> <p> stringtable discardable <br/> begin <br/> ids_permissiontitle "Confirmation" <br/> ids_install_permiss Ion "do you want to install this push client? "<Br/> ids_uninstall_permission <br/>" Do You Want To uninstall this push client? "<Br/> end </P> <p> # endif // english (U. S .) resources <br/> /////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// // </P> <p> # ifndef apstudio_invoked <br/> //////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //// // <br/> // generated from the textinclude 3 resource. <br/> // </P> <p> /////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// /// // <br/> # endif // not apstudio_invoked </P> <p>


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