Windows. Old file What is the use, how to delete windows.old

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Win7 There are a lot of files if we want to delete is not directly deleted, direct deletion may lead to a variety of errors, today to say the file is a Windows.old file.


Windows. What is the old file?

Windows. Old This folder is when you install the upgrade Windows7 to the previous operating system backup directory, may occupy your hard drive a few or even dozens of g of space! That is, this file is completely useless and can be deleted directly.


Windows. What will happen if old is deleted directly?

Direct deletion can cause the resource manager to crash, so it cannot be deleted directly.


To delete a windows.old file with a command

Click Start, enter CMD in the search box, OK.

Then enter: rd/s/q c:windows. Old

Then enter Y to make sure the deletion is OK.

The above is about Windows.old file what use, how to delete Windows.old. Many times the system will leave some useless files, and these files can not be directly deleted, which will take up a lot of system hard disk space, so we should manually remove it, free hard disk space

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