"Windows" "Runtime Error" Explorer.exe exception

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Today the weather looks good, i + to share a wrong problem, to pass the warm sunshine to all over!


About the problem of exploer anomalies.

These days are ready to start the machine room cooperation, and team members to discuss the use of SVN, version issues, I do not mention, I have said earlier, vs version is high, to change the matching SVN software.

The following is my own a little "hand residue". I was trying to check out a project created by a small partner, and then I found out that the location of the checkout was incorrect and put it in the installation file of the SVN-related software. After the check out, I regretted, and then delete ... Hint can not be deleted, this can not I? aside, for the installation of the computer Butler and 360 security guards, I am not a piece of cake! Right-click to completely smash ... And then there's only one thing left. No words, because the system is not dry.

" you force delete my private files, what do you want to do, and let the computer Live!" "

" you want to delete it, then you delete, continue to delete, I let you can not find documents, where you go to delete, eh hum!" "

The system then pops up with this error:

I began to think that should be the reason for the current system state, just my computer installed a solid state, start very quickly, restart a try ... Can only say the system really angry, the desktop has not come in, it first error.

Experience Antivirus

It's not going to work, but what's wrong? Can other things be used? After the verification, the other software can be used normally, the net also go on, and then use the computer Butler experience, anti-virus


So where exactly is the system so grumpy?

Fortunately, the network has not broken, the internet to check a lot, I tried, but really let me solve. What is the solution? Let me one by one:

First of all, let me say something first. Explorer.exe, Explorer is the Window Program Manager or File Explorer, which is used to manage the Windows graphics shell, which is simply used to display the system's desktop environment, including the Start menu, the taskbar under the desktop, Desktop icons and file management. Removing the program causes the Windows graphical interface to become unusable.

Solve Workaround

1, the system is missing the runtime components, reinstall the runtime.

2, System files damaged, use · Explorer.exe Repair Tool Repair

3, Ken can be a virus, it is recommended to download anti-virus Tools-Kabaki (This is obviously wrong for my mistake, do not know everyone's, can try)

4, download the new Explorer.exe cover the original

5, the new Explorer.exe task (mine is no matter how you build it will pop up the error box)

6, Explorer.exe by other programs to modify the registry, you can delete the registry redundant information. (Similar to 2, 4)

7, Explorer.exe is non-toxic program modification, delete the most recently installed program (my is this reason)

8, if not, just re-install the system directly

Problem Analysis

I have the SVN server, the client, and the VS plug-in, the Chinese package, so I do not know which of my exact program caused my problem, so I uninstalled them all, and then the problem solved.

Later query results, probably because I sizzle function key SVN server when the system established contact, and then I forced to delete the server files, resulting in file deletion, and the server and system contact is not clear, resulting in the system of related files corruption, if you uninstall the server, will be related registration information or contact with the system to clear, so that the connection between the server and the system does not exist, and therefore the system is back to normal.

Here, to hint, do not arbitrarily delete a file, to check clearly and the system does not have a relationship after the deletion, otherwise, if there are any problems, then wait to regret it!

The above error analysis is only personal understanding, but the solution is my query rollup, should be able to help you solve the problem.

"Windows" "Runtime Error" Explorer.exe exception

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