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Today set up a Windows Server 2003 Web server, found that after opening the Web page can not download the. exe file in the website, after the research problem can be solved, to make a memo.

The workaround is simply to set the Execute permission in the site properties to "plain Script" in IIS.

Attachment: Windows Server 2003 server cannot download exe-suffix file solution

In the actual operation, only the second step is successful,

That is: Open IIS Manager, right-click the Web site-click Properties-Home directory, set execution permissions to None or "pure script", that is, cancel "executable file."

Detailed Troubleshooting steps:

1. Set MIME to allow IIS to support more file types, which can be skipped if an. exe is already in the MIME type.

To open IIS, select the server, right-click, property has MIME type
Add extension:. exe
Type: Application/octet-stream

(common MIME type
Hypertext Markup language text. html,.html text/html
Plain text. txt text/plain
Rich text. rtf application/rtf
gif graphics. gif imag E/gif
JPEG graphics. ipeg,.jpg image/jpeg
au sound file. Au audio/basic
midi music file Mid,.midi Audio/midi,audio/x-mi Di
RealAudio music files. RA,. Ram audio/x-pn-realaudio
MPEG file. mpg,.mpeg video/mpeg
avi file. avi Video/x-ms Video
gzip file. gz application/x-gzip
Tar file. Tar application/x-tar)

2. If the previous step does not solve the problem, you can set up a visit to the site's home directory Ask permission.   

To open IIS Manager, right-click web site-click Properties-Home directory, set execution permissions to none or pure script, cancel executable.

3. If the previous step still does not resolve the problem, you can disable all unknown CGI extensions, all unknown ISAPI expansions, and only "ASP" and "" in the Web service extensions in IIS Manager.

After three steps, the problem should be resolved by allowing you to download other file types in the same way.

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