Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Basic Configuration and application (Novice tutorial) 7---Admin rights delegated for OUs

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Domain Admins Delegate general user management OUs

In this example, the domain administrator entrusted the monitor to manage the increase and deletion of the members ' accounts in this class.

( 1 ) in DC , log in with the squad leader's account and test for success.

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  2 DC gpmc.msc Open the management tool for Group Policy Management and modify the default DC strategy, add the monitor's account to "Allow log on locally", and then enter " at the command line after completion." gpupdate /force "refresh the policy, again with the monitor account test whether the login success. (Note that in practical applications, Ordinary users are generally not allowed to directly in the DC login, Instead, use the Server Remote Administration Toolkit on the client computer to complete the administrative tasks delegated by the domain administrator )

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(3) Check with the monitor account to see if the AD user and the computer console can be turned on.

( 4 ) to re - DC Log on to the Administrator account on the AD user and Computer console, find the class OU , and right-click delegated control, the user's creation, deletion and other rights delegated to the monitor account.

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( 5 after the permission delegation is completed, the DC switch to the monitor account again and check AD whether the user and computer console can be opened. At the command line, enter the following two commands (for example , in the case of network 1 classes , in case of 3 shifts, two commands need to be swapped sequentially) to analyze the execution results and their causes.

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Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Basic Configuration and application (Novice tutorial) 7---Delegated administrative rights for OUs

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