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Web development can not avoid the construction of the operating environment, personally, this is a job that has no technical content and is a waste of time. So the steps of setting up the environment are recorded, hoping to help the needy friend to take some detours. If a friend encounters a problem not mentioned in this article also welcome to contact with the author, discuss common progress.

Windows Server2008 R2 MVC environment Configuration--sql Server 2008 R2

1. Download Address: Microsoft®sql server®2008 R2 sp2-express Edition

2. Extract image (. ISO file)

3.1 Administrator to run Setup

3.2 If prompted to install. NET Framework3.5, install. NET Framework3.5 first, because SQL2008R2 needs netFramework3.5 support download address: Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Follow the prompts to install it step by step. Reboot after installation restart SQL installation 4.1.0 Start Installation

4.1.0 Installation Support rule detection (detects whether the current system environment can support SQL2008 R2)

4.1.1 Enter the version key

4.1.2 Accept the terms

4.1.3 Installation support Files

4.1.3 Installer Support Rules

4.1.3 Set Roles

4.1.4 Selection feature installation (to prevent trouble behind, select All)

4.1.5 Installation Rules

4.1.6 instance configuration, according to their own needs, the default can also

4.1.7 Disk space requirements detection (space to be enough OH)

4.1.8 Server Configuration-depending on your business choice, refer to the following instructions local system: Users of the native systems, often used in personal computers Network service: Network services user, remote connection database Local service:

4.1.9 Database engine configuration, it is recommended to select blending mode, Note: keep the password set!!!

4.2.0.Analysis Services Configuration

4.2.1.Reporting Services configuration, by default

4.2.2. Error reporting, by default. Do not send error reports to Microsoft when you specify an error.

4.2.3. Installation Configuration Rules

4.2.4. Ready to install

4.2.5. Everything is ready, wait patiently.

4.2.6. Installation complete, Call Home

4.2.7. Intimate tips (small white can find our installed SQL Server in the following way)

4.2.8. If you have uninstalled SQL before or failed to install, you may experience the following problems in step 4.2.3:

Workaround: (Find the following path, delete these files)

Rerun detection: OK, go ahead.

The above is the entire content of this article, I hope to help you learn, but also hope that we support the cloud habitat community.

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