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window in LAN environment, network management often attaches great importance to the backup of the user data files on the Windows Server hard disk, ignoring the backup of the state information and service data of the various services provided by Windows system itself, such as IIS service, DHCP service, DNS service, etc. These Windows services in the LAN often play a very important role, such as the use of IIS to set up an intranet site, the use of DHCP services for LAN users to unify the allocation of TCP/IP configuration information, once these services have problems, will seriously affect the user's normal office. Therefore, network management should also pay attention to the backup of Windows services, once some Windows services have problems, you can immediately use Backup files to restore, really be prepared.

Backups of Windows services typically fall into two parts for backup: state information backup and data backup. The status information backup of the Windows service needs to be done by manually backing up the appropriate entries for the registry, typically by backing up all of the Windows service state information, while the backup of the service data needs to be done separately, either manually, with the tools provided by the service itself, or by using Third-party software.

Backup Service status information

The status information for various Windows services is typically stored under the registry's "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services" project, which can be backed up by a network administrator To complete a backup of the state information for the Windows service.

In the normal running state of the various services provided by Windows Server, click "Start → run", enter "regedit" command in the Run dialog box, and then go to the Registry Editor dialog box to expand "hkey_local_machine\system\ CurrentControlSet\Services "Project.

Status information for various Windows services is stored in the Services project, and the webmaster simply backs up the contents of the project. The backup operation is very simple, select the Services item in Registry Editor, click the "file → export" option in the main menu bar, pop the "Export Registry File" dialog box, name the backup file, specify the path to store, and then click the "Save" button, Completes a backup of the Windows service state information.

When there is a problem with the status information for some services, just double-click the backup file to re-import the status information of the backup into the registry.

Service Data Information Backup

For the backup of the service data information, the network administrator should perform a separate backup operation, and only one backup of the Windows Service data information can be completed at a time. For so many types of services provided by Windows systems, the author will use the IIS service, DHCP service, and disk quotas as examples to make a separate backup of their data information.

1. IIS Services

The backup and restore tools are built into the IIS server, which enables you to quickly perform backup and restore of your local IIS server data information. In the Internet Information Services Console window, right-click on the IIS server, select the "All tasks → backup/restore Configuration" option, and then click the "Create Backup" button (Figure 1) in the Configure Backup/Restore dialog box, and then name the backup file in the Configure Backup dialog box. If you want to encrypt the backup file, you can enable file encryption, then select the "Encrypt Backup with password" option, then enter the file encryption password, and finally click the "OK" button to complete the backup operation of the IIS data information.

Figure 1 Creating an IIS Backup

When the IIS server is having problems with data information damage, you need to restore the IIS data information. In the Internet Information Services Console window, right-click on the IIS server, select "All tasks → backup/Restore Configuration", in the "Configure Backup/Restore" dialog box select the backup file you need, and then click the "Restore" button, if the backup file is encrypted, you need to enter a password, You can complete the restoration of IIS data information. In addition, the backup of IIS server data information can also use Third-party software, such as the IIS Backup Wizard, IIS Export utility, and so on, here is no longer to repeat.

2. DHCP service

The DHCP server also has built-in backup and restore capabilities, and the operation is as simple as that. In the DHCP console window, right-click the "DHCP Server name" option (Figure 2), in the pop-up menu select "Backup", and then in the "Browse folder" dialog box to specify a good backup file to store the path, click the "OK" button to complete the DHCP server data information backup.

Figure 2 Backing up DHCP

Once the DHCP data information is corrupted, when you need to recover, right-click the "DHCP Server name" option again, select "Restore" In the pop-up menu, and then specify the path to the backup file, and then click the "OK" button and the Windows system stops the DHCP service before restarting the service. You can complete the restoration of DHCP data information.

3. Disk quotas

In order to enhance the security of the server, network management uses the disk quota feature provided by Windows system to limit the disk capacity of the server used by each user. However, if the server for some reason, network management configuration of these disk quota entries are lost, manual recovery is very cumbersome, so network management should also back up the disk quota entries in advance.

The backup disk quota entry is very simple, the author takes the backup Windows Server2003 disk quota entry in C disk as an example, right click on "C Disk" letter, select "Properties" option in the pop-up menu, then switch to "quota" tab, then click "Quota Entry" button below, pop-up "quota item" Manage dialog box, click quota → export (Figure 3), name the backup file in the File name box, and then click the "Save" button to complete the backup of the disk quota entries. The disk quota entries for the other drive are backed up the same as above and are no longer repeat.

Figure 3 Backup disk quotas

Restoring disk quota entries in C disk is also simple, in the Quota Project Management dialog box, click the "quota → import" option, and then specify the above backup files, click the "Open" button, in the Disk Quota prompt box Click "Yes" button, the disk quota items to complete the restore.

The above is simply to introduce several Windows services to the backup and restore data information, other kinds of Windows service data information backup and restore operation is very simple, please in the day-to-day maintenance work slowly experience and practice.

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