Windows XP-FTP server configuration (IIS)

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FTP is short for File Transport Protocol, which enables customers connected to the server to transmit files between the server and the client. In addition to the WWW Service, FTP is also the most widely used service.

  FTP Server Configuration

Setting up an FTP server is actually very easy. First, make sure that your machine can access the Internet at a speed not lower than kbps of ADSL. Secondly, the hardware performance must meet your needs. Finally, you need to install FTP server-side software. There are many such software. You can use Microsoft's IIS (Internet Information Server Internet Information Service System) or professional software. Different software provides different functions, and the requirements and operating systems are also different. Generally, the minimum requirements of the system are as follows:

CPU: P ⅲ MHz or above
Memory: 256 MB or above
Bandwidth: ADSL kbps or above

For Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Windows 98/me can be used. If you have low requirements on server performance and security, Windows 98 and Windows ME can be used. Unless otherwise stated in this article, Windows XP Professional Edition is used as the operating system. The setup and settings of FTP servers in other operating systems are similar.

If you only want to create a small FTP server with no more than 10 concurrent online users, and do not transmit large data volumes at the same time, you can use IIS 5.0 as the server software (IIS is only applicable to Windows NT/2000/XP operating systems ).

1. Install
IIS components are not installed in Windows XP by default. You must manually add and install IIS components. Go to the control panel, find "Add/delete programs", and select "Add/delete Windows Components". In the displayed "Windows component wizard" window, select Internet Information Service (IIS. The "√" background color before this option is gray, because the FTP service component is not installed in Windows XP by default. Click "details" in the lower-right corner. In the pop-up "Internet Information Service (IIS)" window, find "File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service", and click "OK. [Note: The pirated system may not have the complete IIS. It is best to download the complete IIS installation package from the network.]

2. Set
After the computer restarts, the FTP server starts to run, but some settings are required. Click Start → all programs → Administrative Tools → Internet Information Service. after entering the Internet information service window, IIS has a default FTP site, just like the WWW Service, therefore, you can modify the default FTP site to meet your needs. Find "Default FTP site", right-click the site, and select "properties" from the shortcut menu ". In "properties", we can set the FTP server name, IP address, port, access account, FTP directory location, and the message received when the user enters FTP.

1) basic FTP site information
Go to the "ftp site" tab, where the "Description" option is the name of the FTP site. You can enter it as needed, for example, "my website "; the "ip address" is the Server IP address, and the system defaults to "all unallocated". This parameter is not required. However, if there are two or more IP addresses in the drop-down list, it is best to specify a public IP address; "TCP port" is generally still set as the default port 21; "connection" is used to set the maximum number of connections allowed to connect to the server at the same time; "connection timeout" is used to set a waiting time. If the online time of the user connected to the server exceeds the waiting time without any operation, the server will automatically disconnect the user.


2) Set accounts and their Permissions
Many FTP sites require users to enter the user name and password to log on. This user name and password are called accounts. Different users can use the same account to access the site. Multiple accounts can be set for the same site, and each account can have different permissions, such as uploading and downloading, some allow download only.

On the "Security Account" tab, "Allow anonymous connections" and "Allow anonymous connections only" are displayed. The default value is "Allow anonymous connections". In this case, the FTP server provides anonymous logon. "Allow anonymous connections only" is used to prevent users from accessing the account with administrative permissions. After selection, even the Administrator account cannot log on, FTP can only be managed through "local access" on the server. The "ftp site operator" option is used to add or delete accounts with certain permissions on the FTP server. Different from other Professional FTP server software, IIS manages accounts based on Windows user accounts. It does not allow users to access FTP servers and adds or deletes accessible accounts, you must first set a Windows User Account in "Computer Management" in the "Management Tools" provided by the operating system, then, add or delete an FTP site operator on the "Security Account" tab. However, for Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional Edition, the system does not provide the "ftp site operator" account addition and deletion function, but only provides one administrator account.

Tip: Anonymous Logon generally does not require the user to enter the user name and password to log on successfully. If necessary, use "anonymous" as the user name and use any email address as the password to log on.

3) set the user logon directory
Finally, set the FTP home directory (the initial location after the user logs on to FTP), go to the "home directory" tab, and select the root directory of the FTP site in "local path, and set the read, write, and directory access permissions for this directory. The difference between "Unix" and "MS-dos" in "directory list style" is that if you set g/FTP as the site root directory, after you log on to FTP, the former will display the main directory as "/", and the latter as "g/ftp ".
After the configuration is complete, the FTP server is actually built. If the preceding IP address is, the user uses the FTP client software (used to log on to the FTP server to upload/download software, such as CuteFTP and flashfxp). Unless otherwise specified, the FTP client software mentioned in this article takes CuteFTP Pro 2.0 as an example.) Enter in the Host field and 21 in the port field. The address of this server is expressed as FTP // Although IIS is easy to install and easy to set up, its functions are not powerful, and management is also very troublesome. Especially, it is complicated to set up a new basic authorized access account, in addition, IIS has poor security and is vulnerable to viruses such as "Red code" that specifically attack IIS vulnerabilities. Therefore, many people prefer to use third-party FTP server software to set up IIS.


4) define the information and maximum number of connections when users access the FTP site and exit the site,



3. Test the FTP site

In running, open cmd, enter FTP (the IP address just set), press enter, and enter the username anonymous.

Press enter to enter the password. If the password is empty, press Enter. Get to download an object to a local folder. (For website security in the future, you can disable anonymous access and enhance the password. Here, you can set anonymous users for test convenience)


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