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Before activating your Windows XP with sp2, let's take a look at several controversial topics on the Internet and the detailed answers I have made to these questions after my experiments.

Q1: Why is activation required )?

A: Simply put, only after Windows is activated can you get rid of the restrictions on the use of the 30th angel. Only in this way can you update your WINDOWS and remove the annoying activation bubbles, you are not a legitimate genuine user (not completely, not after-sales service ). Of course, you can also use VOL to save these steps, which is beyond the scope of this article.

Q2: is the activation of the Russian version the same as that of the genuine version (skipped by experts )?

A: different !! The former modifies XP activation authentication by cracking winlogon.exe and licdll. dll, and deceives Windows XP to activate it. This cracking is still perfect in SP1-you can upgrade Windows without any restrictions. However, with the increase of Windows Update, the Russian version of SP2. Because it is a cracking, its activation file is not a valid activation file, so after the system is reinstalled or the service pack is upgraded, activation will not be available. It is a pity, but it is also impatient (I was touched by this tool for a long time ).

Q3: Is RESET5 reliable for cracking (some posts are referenced and skipped by experts )?

A: extremely unreliable !! RESET5 clears the counter before XP starts, so that your XP can be activated for 30 days, and wpabal.exe will be deleted, so that the activation reminder does not appear, and licdll is removed. dll registration, so that "Activate Windows" does not respond. This kind of activation is the least reliable and is not recommended !! Because the counter files are protected by Windows, they cannot be replaced by the security mode. Therefore, ensure that RESET5 runs before Windows is loaded, but no one can guarantee this. It is very likely that RESET5 will become invalid. This method cannot be upgraded and will be invalid after the service pack is upgraded.

Q4: Can I activate Windows XP with SP2 directly based on the number calculated by the number calculator (recommended by everyone )?

A: No !! No number calculator is available on the Internet! After SP1, the WINDOWS activation authentication mechanism has changed, and the CDKEY calculated by any calculator cannot be activated. Likewise, the number generator is useless to SP2. I used the computer 1.06 to calculate that none of the 26 cdkeys for the 011 segment can be activated (of course, I activated them on five computers in the dormitory at different times, excluding the possibility of blocked IP segments), the same result is obtained using the 4-in-1 calculator. The post posted earlier said that the computer can activate SP2 through the Internet, which is irresponsible.

Q5: What is the difference between a 4-in-1 number generator and a number generator 5.12 and a number generator 1.06 )?

A: The difference is that the number calculator 5.12 and the number calculator 1.06 are both the originator of the number calculator. The number calculation is slow and tiring, while the 4-in-1 number calculator is an invincible number calculator, fast and accurate (I suspect it was released by Microsoft internal personnel ). The number calculated by the 4-in-1 calculator can be the CDKEY of any PID segment, but not the other two. Someone once said that the number calculated by the 4-in-1 calculator cannot be used to activate WINDOWS. This is incorrect. I used the number calculated by the 4-in-1 calculator to activate nearly 30 original WINDOWS copies with a success rate of 100%.


Q6: How does online Activation Program 1.0 activate SP2? Is it reliable (thanks to dato of the carefree forum for pointing out the problem and strongly recommends everyone )?

A: The online Activation Program 1.0 was developed to activate SP1. The working principle of licdll is as follows. dll and dpcdll. dll replaces the two files on the current system, and then calls the Activation Program to activate Windows XP. After activation, the command line script automatically changes licdll. dll and dpcdll. dll back to the initial state. The principle is to use the original activation authentication program to easily activate XP, and this activation information can pass SP2 authentication. Because this program does not crack the file content, it can also be verified through the perfect activation of Q10. Therefore, the XP activated by this activation method is the simplest, quickest, and safer.

Q7 )?

A: I recommend using the online Activation Program 1.0 to activate the SP2 system. Loading SP2 after the original version is activated takes a lot of time to activate SP2 than activating the program online, and generates a lot of junk files (you can check the size of the occupied space ). In addition, the method of installing SP2 after the original version is activated cannot pass the verification of Q10. After the system is reinstalled, you have to re-run the Activation Program to reinstall SP2. Therefore, it is not recommended.

Q8: How can I back up my activation information (recommended by all )?

A: Set wpa in the system32 directory. dbl and wpa. back up the bak file. Remember to back up the installed CDKEY. After installing the system with this CDKEY, copy the two files to the system32 directory to activate Windows. Note: The backup activation information is only valid for systems with identical installation information (including the same hardware, the same CDKEY, and the same partition system.

Q9: Can the wpa. dbl file activated under the original XP be used in the SP2 system, and can the Chinese and English versions be used in a general sense (recommended by everyone )?

A: No! Wpa. dbl in the original version can only be used in the original version, and wpa. dbl in SP2 can only be used in SP2. In addition, the Chinese version of the backup information cannot be used in the English version, please remember.

Q10: How can I verify that my SP2 activation is perfectly activated (recommended by everyone )?

A: This is A concern of many people. After installing the system with an integrated SP2 installation disk (with the driver installed), do not activate and immediately use GHOST for a backup to ensure the original version is not activated. Then, use various methods to activate Windows and back up wpa. dbl in the activated system32 directory. Use GHOST to restore the inactive version of the backup and copy wpa. dbl to the system32 directory. Run "Activate Windows". If the prompt is "activated", Congratulations. Your SP2 activation is perfect.

Q11: Do I need to integrate SP1 (written upon invitation) before integrating SP2 )?

A: No. After Microsoft releases a certain number of patches, it will release a Serivce Pack. This Service Pack includes all the previous upgrade information and may also add some new features. Therefore, SP2 includes SP1 and all subsequent update patch information. The best way to upgrade to SP2 is to directly upgrade from the original version to SP2, which can reduce a lot of junk files. Similarly, for integration, the best integration method is the original version + SP2. You do not need to integrate SP1 first. After SP2 is released, you can delete patches for SP1, shock wave, and shock wave.

Okay. After reading the above questions, are you sure you want to activate SP2? Let's start our SP2 activation Journey:

First, prepare the tools.

Download the total compressed package:/key/windowsxpsp2key.rar


1. After installing the SP2 system in the cdkey set calculated by the number generator, back up the licdll. dll and dpcdll. dll files under the system32 directory.

2. Use the online Activation Program 1.0 to activate Windows xp

3. Use GHOST to back up the system. Success!


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