WPF program error in Windows XP: The image format is unrecognized.

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A recently-made WPF program, in Windows 7 or later versions of the system, tests are normal, and when running under Windows XP, you reported an error at the beginning:

"ClassName": "System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException",
"Message": "The image format is unrecognized.",
"Data": {
"System.Object": null
"InnerException": {
"ClassName": "System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException",
"Message": "Exception from Hresult:0x88982f07",
"Data": null

The following omits several lines of exception information ...

Well... Baidu a bit, found that the original program icon format problem, as if since the Windows Vista, because the system can be magnified in the icon to a large (max is 256x256? ), the HD icon is certainly the increase in volume ha, in order to reduce the volume of the icon, as if the introduction of a compression parameter icon format, you can compress the size of the HD icon?

Well, involved saga, the solution is to find an icon design tool, modify a standard, the compression parameters to remove the good ~

For example, I use a software called IconWorkshop, the top right corner of the icon has such a small icon (), is compressed ...

Then right-click to remove the PNG compressed image format option, or remove the toolbar button on the selected state, just fine.

Different software settings may vary, but should have this option, find it yourself ~

Reference Source: http://torque.gig8.com/2009/01/image_format_is_unrecognized_w.html

WPF program error in Windows XP: The image format is unrecognized.

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