Xise official website | XISE official website | download the latest version of xise | official website for super xise wbms management V12.0 |, xisev12.0

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Xise official website | XISE official website | download the latest version of xise | official website for super xise wbms management V12.0 |, xisev12.0



Explanation: 1. Crack VIP login restrictions

2. Go to the backdoor (self-check)

: Https://pan.baidu.com/s/1eR2rUOM

Virus address: http://a.virscan.org/a3983f36d31d08a51486501965d04cb5

File Name:


MD5: A3983f36d31d08a51486501965d04cb5
File Type: EXE
Upload time: March 23 11:41:26
Production Company: XISE WebShell Management
Version: ---
Shell or compiler information: PACKER: PolyEnE 0.01 + by Lennart Hedlund *

Update log

Generate inner pages to generate inner page Kernels to accelerate generation efficiency.

The inner page can be generated in the news collection mode. You can select local news or remote news.

The internal page can be generated to support the anti-delete function.

Batch operations are supported to generate internal pages. A few thousand shells are generated continuously.

The results can be saved as \ xise \ backup \".

The internal page can be generated to force the thread to exit. It must be set during batch generation to prevent freezing.

Batch File Upload supports automation and folder upload.

You can automatically run and save the results after uploading files in batches. The save address is \ Result \".

Added the batch link function (only asp php is supported ).

Supports batch search for Writable Directories (only supports asp php), and direct calls are made on the generated pages and batch uploads.

Supports bulk replacement of parasites (only supports asp php), but pay attention to the server pressure.

Instructions for use

1. During batch upload, select "auto-select" mode to automatically upload all shells with one click.

Put the file to be uploaded into all corresponding folders under "\ jiaoben \ zhu", and the system will upload the corresponding script according to the shell type.

2. Batch link. The number of files is the number of files to be mounted on the server.

3. In "local news" or "Instant News" mode, articles must be collected first to prevent duplicate generation due to insufficient number of articles.

After the collection, clear the news below 1 kb by yourself (1KB is too small, and most of them have no substantive content ).

4. When an internal page is generated, if you select "anti-Delete", the file cannot be modified or overwritten again. (If you want to force Delete the object, set the attribute to 777 or 0 first)

Directory structure

1. keywords in the keyword folder under the XISE directory;

2.xise content.txt is an article, which can be modified at will;

3.xise links.txt is a friendly link and can be modified at will;

4.xise video.txt is a video link;

5. In the XISE directory, the tpl folder contains 31 templates;

: Https://pan.baidu.com/s/1eR2rUOM

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