XNa advanced programming: Xbox 360 and Windows 1-5/1-6

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Now you know how to start the first xNa game project. If you read this chapter, I strongly recommend that you download the example in this chapter at www.wiley.com.CodeAnd run it.

If you have any problem installing DirectX,. NET 2.0, or xNa, go to the xNa Forum http://msdn.microsoft.com/xna/forums for help. It is very difficult to give all the answers in the book, because there are many different problems. In general, you must meet the minimum installation requirements. For example, if the installation fails on an unsupported platform, you can take the problem to the network to find the relevant help, or try another supported platform.

If you want to install. NET 2.0, make sure that your operating system is installed with the latest patch package (Service Pack); for DirectX, make sure that you have the latest graphics driver and a decent graphics card that supports 3D graphics; for xNa, make sure that all necessary installation before xNa is installed is correctly executed.

It is not difficult to make xNa work on Windows platforms, but there are many problems on the Xbox 360 platform. The following tips Make sure you meet the basic requirements for running xNa games on the Xbox 360 platform:

    • You need an online Xbox 360 account and always connect to the network when developing and testing xNa games.
    • Make sure that your PC and Xbox 360 are in the same network and can access each other. You can ping the IP address of your Xbox 360 from your PC, or use your PC as a media center from Xbox.
    • If you cannot install the xNa framework of Xbox 360, go to the network to see if your Xbox 360 meets the minimum configuration requirements.
    • If you generate a key in the settings of xNa game launcher, but cannot pass the verification on your PC, this may be because you typed the wrong key, or the key contains confusing 0 (number zero) and O (letter O). You can also generate a new key and try again.
    • If your xNa game launcher cannot be started, all buttons cannot be used, or you receive errors such as 0xffffffff, it may be that your profile is not properly connected to the Xbox Live center, or some settings are incorrect. If an earlier version of xNa framework has been installed, uninstall it, delete personal data, create new personal data, and reinstall xNa framework.

Chapter 2 details each step of running a game on Xbox 360, but the examples in this chapter can also work on the Xbox 360 platform, as long as you start the project, switch to the Xbox 360 output and press F5 to run it. If all your settings are correct, you can also see the same output on Xbox 360. Congratulations, you have successfully run your first Xbox 360 game!

Finally, if an error occurs when you compile the code in this chapter, the following are some final tips:

    • Make sure that you have defined all variables: graphics, content, backgroundtexture, sprites, and scrollingposition.
    • Check the error information in the compilation output window and modify the code accordingly. Maybe you are still using some old method calls. You can try to replace them with the new method annotations, let's see how the remaining code runs.
    • Or your graphics card does not support the Shader Model 1.1

1.6 Summary of this Chapter

This chapter describes the basics of xNa and How to Make xNa game studio express work on your PC. It also describes how to install xNa framework on your Xbox 360. You also created your first small project-I don't call it a real game, but it still uses texture to process the input and keyboard of the Xbox 360 controller, and there is an interaction with the screen-scroll up and down the background.

The following chapters describe how to compile a cool little game. The following describes the learning points of this chapter:

    • Basic xNa framework knowledge
    • Install xNa game studio Express
    • Tips and tips for running xNa on Visual Studio 2005
    • Describes some useful tools, such as testdriven. net, sourcesafe, and ants profiler.
    • Compile your first xNa Project
    • Introduced applicationsProgramConcepts of models and initialize, update, and draw Methods
    • Clear background
    • Use spritebatch to draw texture
    • Processing gamepad and keyboard input
    • Draws the tile background based on input.

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