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Slow Web sites can cause you to lose your target audience and also reduce their chances of visiting the site again. Many search engines also list the page loading speed as a sort of consideration, which has a great impact on the visibility of the site. If you have or are about to use http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/13357.html ">azure website services to set up WordPress, but also want to know how to improve the load speed of the site, So here are some tips you can consider.   1. Web services and databases must be installed in the same data center   on Azure Web services, whether using the MySQL database service provided by CLEARDB or the SQL database service on Azure, Make sure that the Web service is in the same data center as the database, otherwise the network transmission across the data center will increase the time of the page loading, so it is best to put the Web service in the same data center as the database.   2. Try not to rely on a free MySQL database solution   Although Azure has a free 20MB MySQL database solution for each Azure subscription (SQL database service), this scenario is more appropriate for developing test evaluations because it has the following limitations:       up to 20MB storage space.     Only 4 databases can be brought online at the same time.     Limited Computing Resources   We recommend that you consider other options offered by Cleardb, or buy directly in the Azure city. If Cleardb does not meet your needs, then you can create a virtual machine in Azure and then install a MySQL database service, which you can refer to in detail.   3. Optimized database   WordPress is designed to automatically store everything, but it adds a burden to the database to store a lot of draft articles, trackbacks links, messages, trash content, and so on, so you have to constantly clean up the database, Avoid too much useless resources to eat the storage space of the database (also force you to choose a higher price scheme).   Wp-optimize is a great WordPress plugin that helps you periodically clean up unused content in your database and keep your database in the best state of use, while also helping you save time to clean up your database.   4. Compress pictures  If you have a large number of images on your WordPress site that may eat up a lot of bandwidth, you have several options:       uses Azure Blob storage to store pictures. You can install the Windows Azure Storage for WordPress plugin so that you can upload images or files from WordPress directly to the Azure Blob storage instead of the upload/directory in the file system. With Azure Blob storage, in addition to saving traffic and storage space, you can combine Azure CDN services to quickly fetch these files.     Compress pictures. WP smush.it This plug-in is very good, it will automatically compress your uploaded pictures, and will not destroy image quality, when you have a large number of pictures, this plug-in to help you save the storage space and traffic will be considerable.   5. Reduce HTTP requirements   when the browser loads a Web site, there are always multiple HTTP requests to read Web page content, JavaScript, CSS, third-party functions, and so on, many of the suggestions to optimize the speed of Web site Access will mention this issue, but also recommend that you add multiple JavaScript or CSS files to reduce the number of HTTP requirements. WordPress's plug-in library has many plug-ins for this function, such as decoupled WordPress minify This plugin is quite effective to reduce the number of HTTP requirements, but also reduce traffic and bandwidth.   6. Diagnose whether the theme slows down the site   Some of the topics are gorgeous, but it may also be the culprit for slowing down the speed of the site, and every time you change the theme, don't forget to check that it's loading speed.   7. Diagnose whether there are plug-ins to slow down the site   reasons ditto, poorly written plug-ins may also slow down the site, and you can use a plug-in like P3 to analyze the plug-in's effectiveness to find out who is slowing down, and then evaluate whether you want to continue using the plugin or find a better alternative.   8. Turn off Trackback/pingback features   WordPress presets use Pingbacks and trackbacks to prompt your site to be referenced by others (learn more), but these two features also consume a lot of Web performance and speed, If you feel that this feature is not necessary, it is recommended that you turn it off.   9. Set clear picture size  The browser begins to calculate the layout of the page after reading the content of the page. If you insert a picture without entering a clear picture size, the browser will spend more time to calculate, so the best way is to insert the picture, explicitly fill in its width and height, so that the browser can calculate the layout faster, display the page.   10. The use of cache   cache has been one of the key to improve performance, most of the time the site is reading content, using the cache can reduce the number of Web site operations or read data and time, but also can effectively improve performance, you can consider using:       IIS Output cache. Because on the Azure Web site services, the site server is based on the base of IIS developed, and the use of IIS output cache This feature will be very efficient to quickly access your site static files, detailed operation can read this article.     WP Super Cache. This plugin can also be very effective to quickly pick up a lot of content on the site, but its settings slightly more complex, you can refer to this article to set.   Of course, there are many ways to speed up the WordPress site, but the above 10 tips, if applied to your WordPress site, should be able to achieve considerable performance improvement.
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