2014 Zhongguancun Large data day, data asset driven industry innovation

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Large data as the value of trillions of renewable ore, as social assets and production factors, affecting the people's livelihood, industrial reconstruction and national rejuvenation. How to manage the data assets, cash in and drive the industry innovation, determine the competitiveness of enterprises, the future of industry and national competitiveness.

What do government leaders, industry leaders and technologists think about this topic? Industrial alliances, leading companies and industry representatives what do you think? 2014 Zhongguancun Big Data Day, we seek the answer together.

After three years of practice and discussion, large data has been from the concept into business, production and life, personal, business, social data values are reflected. In the whole large data ecology, data assets as the core, data acquisition and production become the urgent needs of the industry, data asset management, processing and visualization, Data transformation has become a universal concern.

Therefore, 2014 Zhongguancun large data will fit this trend, the data assets as a theme, explore the data depth technology, data asset management and liquidity. The Conference will carry the needs and questions of all walks of life, and discuss how the government, finance, medical, operators and other departments can realize the transformation and industrial innovation through the management and operation of data assets.

Conference by the Asia letter large data, Zhongguancun large data Industry Alliance, the Cloud base host. From the convergence of large data areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, through a number of multidimensional summits, forums, salons and display exchanges and other forms, invited celebrities at home and abroad, industry elites, business leaders and data geeks together Zhongguancun Software Park Cloud Plaza Hotel, around large data assets, core technology and industry experience, and how to promote industrial collaboration , the establishment of a wide range of large-win data ecological circle to carry out all-round in-depth exchanges.

Beijing deputy Mayor Zhang, Zhongguancun Management Committee director Guo Hong, the State Council Development Research Center Zhang Laiming deputy director and other leaders will visit the site and address. The technology leaders from Google, Tencent, Baidu and Pixar will share the cutting-edge technologies and applications of large data, and invite representatives and experts from the government, telecommunications and finance sectors to discuss the status and trends of data asset management and liquidity in the form of a round-table forum.

The Conference will also hold the "Development Research Center of the State Council-Asia-Credit Strategic cooperation" Conference, the two sides will jointly announce including the establishment of a large data based industry development and forecast index platform and a series of cooperation. In addition, the large data "data asset cloud" and "Data Asset Management integrated Machine" will also debut.

Afternoon three theme sub-forum, will be the government, operators, finance, medical and other areas of leadership and elite, closely around the data asset management industry experience and regional exploration, including intelligent cities, operators large data, financial data, medical data and other fields, the industry's exploration and experience. From macro to micro, cobwebs Exchange data asset management, data transformation is to promote the business innovation process experience, key technologies and implementation of the experience and problems.

Large data as the value of trillions of renewable ore, as social assets and production factors, affecting the people's livelihood, industrial reconstruction and national rejuvenation. 2012, as a pioneer of large data national strategy, Zhongguancun initiated large data, set up large data day, and launched the establishment of ZHONGGUANCUN large data Industry alliance. The implementation of national strategy, the aggregation of industrial resources, the promotion of production and learning cooperation, advocacy data ethics, the search for digital civilization, Zhongguancun has become the source of large data ideas, industry-led benchmark and banner. As a large data technology, product, industry and market enabler, the Zhongguancun large data Industry alliance has been contributing to the landing of large data concepts and innovation. As a leader of large data industry technology and an enabling person of industry application, the company has been striving to promote the improvement of ecological environment and the transformation of data assets. As a pioneer in the field of large data, cloud base has been working hard to research and promote data aggregation and technology innovation. For 3 of years, large data from a concept evolved into a real innovation force that is the result of these forces being driven together.

December 11, these forces and ideas together again, with a strong attraction and appeal, to promote data asset aggregation, and will produce a fusion or fission of the huge capacity, to promote the government, enabling people and users together to build large data industry ecology. Therefore, "aggregation of data assets, construction of Industrial Ecology", 2014 Zhongguancun large data day is destined not only the feast of thought, will become a practical guide, the key to future creation.

(Responsible editor: Mengyishan)

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