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360 Cloud plate At present tense, 360 cloud plate invitation code FREE Delivery! 360 Cloud Disk currently supports personal 15G cloud storage space. 360 Cloud Disk Mini version and full version support upload no more than 5G of a single file (360 cloud disk version only support 200M), 360 cloud disk support in the computer, mobile phone, flat between. As early as the end of 2011, 360 cloud disk has been in the secret research and Development, has already launched 360 cloud disk PC client, the latest mobile phone and tablet client is said to be released soon!

Software Name: 360 cloud Disk software version: official version software size: 5.22MB Software Authorization: Free Application Platform: Win9x Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Vista Win7 download Address: http:// Dl.pconline.com.cn/download/90776.html

360 Cloud Plate Invitation code to receive free

At present, 360 cloud plate is still in the middle of the beta (now the difference is not the same as the public test), as long as the user login to 360 Web page version, you can directly get 360 network plate invitation code, the premise is that users have 360 accounts! Like tasting friends, immediately go to the 360 Web page version of the website to apply for a 360 cloud disk experience eligibility to play it!

360 Cloud disk propaganda slogan can be understood as: Throw away your USB drive bar, 360 cloud disk directly help you sync all the files! 15G u disk, support to upload a single file Max 5G, enough to allow 99.9% of people to give up the U disk (if the Chinese Internet users upload download speed with the same words as Hong Kong netizens).

Login 360 Account

If you do not have 360 account number, please register one!

Fill in 360 Account Easy landing page version of the 360 cloud disk, features similar to the PC version, in addition to uploading file size by 200M, other functions are similar. Of course, to use a good, PC version of the 360 cloud disk can bring users a better experience. Users can drag files directly to the cloud, those files are directly uploaded to share!

360 Cloud Disk page version

The future will support the mobile phone, tablet and computer sync sharing! This future, there is no certain time limit, may be a moment, this article has not finished writing on the mobile phone and flat 360 cloud disk client, may be a few days later, may also be a year later ... Layout of the entire mobile internet, not so simple ...

What time do you expect to become an immediate download?

360 cloud disk into the background of cloud storage services

2011, a variety of cloud storage services products continue to introduce new, Huawei Network Disk (formerly Dbank network Disk), Jinshan t disk, Jinshan fast disk, QQ network disk, 115 network disk, Thunder fast disk, express cool disk, can be called the name of the domestic cloud storage products have been 7, and many are not enumerated.

February 21, 2012, Jinshan Software announced the split fast disk business, set up Jinshan Cloud, the main operating cloud computing field. Jinshan Software CEO Zhanghongjiang concurrently Jin Shanyun CEO. At present, Jinshan fast disk released the Windows version, Android version and iOS version. The official number of users has exceeded 10 million, and users have uploaded more than 10 billion files. Zhanghongjiang said that personal data storage is the inevitable demand for the development of mobile Internet, fast disk as Jin Shanyun core business, will continue to go up and down the tour vendors to cooperate in depth. "

Under the catalyst of the rival Jinshan quick disk, the days of 360 of the most secure banner in the cloud storage are not far away!

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