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Absrtact: 360 Search on the line, the market share immediately rushed over 10%, at this time many people are talking about their market share to how much? Some people say that they can go over 20%, and some people are optimistic that they can rush to 30%. I will also analyze the development of its flow and possible variables. Search

360 search on the line, the market share immediately rushed over 10%, at this time many people are talking about their market share to how much? Some people say they can go through 20% and some people are optimistic that they can rush to 30%. I will also analyze the development of its flow and possible variables.

Search engine market share in fact, overall is very stable, in addition to some cyclical (such as weekends, holidays) of the changes, the overall market share of different channels of the composition of fluctuations is very small, the overall market share of the calculation can be basically done to 1% units to do the calculation.

Search Engine Flow composition

The source of search traffic is mainly two parts: active access and Channel market. Active access because more than 95% of the brand's relationship to Baidu, and a few high-end users insist on using Google. This is almost a hurdle that any other search engine can hardly walk through today.

The channel market mainly includes the navigation station (360, hao123, Sogou, 2345 etc.), the Internet café and the search box inside the website, among them many navigation stations have been bound in the browser, like 360 and Sogou. In addition to their own channels, the other needs according to the number of traffic and value to the channel to a certain extent, the price of the market in general thousands of search is divided into 7-20 yuan.

360 Search Flow Measurement

That 360 search current traffic how to calculate? The current active flow is mostly a taste, can be neglected. The main source of traffic for the 360 search is its browser. 360 of browsers have used their own search by default, but according to past experience, browser access to contribute to their own search ratio is difficult to more than 50%, while the other most of the flow to Baidu (active use, navigation page links, switch the default search, etc.). 360 Browser Current market usage is about 28% (from CNZZ Statistics), in its early days, because the default search is all 360, an estimated 45% of the use rate, and as some users learn to switch to Baidu, this value should be reduced to 40%. This calculates that the market share of 360 secure searches is valued at 28%*40%=11%, while the peak can reach about 13%.

360 Search Share Variables

360 in the security, client and browser, etc. have a strong executive power, so that the future of the market there are some variables. 360 Security search In the future may be exerting force, in order to gain market share of the main direction of the following

First, increase the usage rate of 360 browsers, that is, the current number of 28%. 360 is still constantly promoting their own browsers, and the erosion of IE's market, if its browser share can be increased, its search share will basically get more than growth.

Second, to increase the flow conversion rate, so that more users using 360 browsers to use the integrated search, that is, the current number of 40%. At present, 360 search in the brand and quality have a big gap, the user's switching rate is very high. 360 need to continuously improve their comprehensive strength, so that more browser users use their own search. But this theory, should also only be able to reach the initial value (about 45%), and the middle may also often cut into Baidu users cut back to their own search, but also affect a certain user experience

Third, the purchase of traffic, the cost of buying traffic is higher, in 360 does not have the ability to change, should not run a large amount of traffic to buy. Now the market is not Baidu's flow channel has been very few, relative to the browser flow can be said to be bucket. And on the purchase of traffic, if Baidu want to rob, no one can buy Baidu, because Baidu has the highest thousands of search gains (RPM).

Four, user active use Search, this relies on 360 safe search brand, quality and product form, this is very difficult for 360来, not big brand cognition. And Baidu's counter system, especially restricted bar and know such access, this experience is very large, which is the content of Baidu by the moat. Also makes 360 limited, it is difficult to have a large number of active traffic.

V, use security to hit opponents, such as through the browser or security guards, attack Baidu's unsafe results or ads, and guide users to use 360 search. This recruit slightly sinister, and the attack on Baidu is very strong, will let Baidu suffered a large loss, but the accumulation of their own brand is not very important, it is difficult to obtain user stickiness.

Six, the other, old week will always have an unexpected way, do not know whether there will be other strange recruit coup.

Overall, I am relatively conservative in terms of the growth of its traffic, which has now reached a high and stable value, it is difficult to maintain rapid growth in the future, the main growth will mainly come from the growth of its browser. I reckon its market share is hard to exceed 15% this year.

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