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1 Billion dollar investment Jin Shanyun, 1.2 billion yuan shares the United States, this is Lei 45 birthday before and after the completion of the big. Only the former is the chairman of the Golden Hill software, the latter is the identity of the chairman of the millet, this dual identity not only sometimes even Lei himself will be confused, and enterprise-level Jinshan and consumption-grade millet is indeed inextricably linked.

Put down Mingzhu and Lei's bet, let's calm down. In the lively cloud services field, before the bat layout, after Microsoft, Amazon, IBM Curve Landing, and even Qingyun, seven cows and other start-ups, then, Lei in Jinshan Cloud on the 1 billion dollar bet will win?

Jin Shanyun Path Dependencies

First of all, turn over the "Jin Shanyun".

In fact, at the beginning of 2012, Jin Shanyun at any time as the president of the Microsoft Asia Engineering Academy Zhanghongjiang to join the first prototype, in the past three years, several major transformations have been made, which can be summed up as personal cloud storage, personal and enterprise-oriented cloud storage platform, split personal cloud storage business, enterprise cloud service provider four phases. The final transformation to the Chinese version of the Amazon AWS, from which Jinshan software this year's strategic adjustments.

Three years ago, Jinshan's implementation is "3+1 strategy", that is, game, security, wps+ Jin Shanyun, you can see, Jinshan software business units between the link itself is not high, coupled with the concept of mobile and security, Cheetah Mobile (formerly Jinshan Mobile) has been in the United States in May this year independent listing, as the chairman of Jinshan Software, Lei has to solve the problem of how to go in the next three years and even farther.

Lei confirmed that the 8-month-long 19-hour internal strategy meeting is the turning point of Jinshan, it is learned that the discussion from nine o'clock in the morning to the second day of four o'clock in the morning, the conclusion of the meeting is "all-in cloud service" strategy, which means Jin Shanyun has become the whole Jinshan software strategic future.

If Amazon's original purpose of AWS is to maximize the benefits of unused resources, Microsoft Cloud is to continue the continuation of another software license, then why would Jinshan transform cloud services? In addition to pave the way for the future development of Jinshan, Jin Shanyun path dependence is actually more obvious, Jinshan Software's biggest profit and revenue source game business needs cloud, lei Millet also need cloud platform. Put aside the future income of Jinshan cloud geometry, only Jinshan game cloud and millet cloud is enough for the Lei Department of Enterprises to save astronomical expenses. Lei revealed a group of numbers, small Mi Yun users have reached 68 million people, the total amount of storage data 47PB, and 1PB data a year only bandwidth storage costs as much as nearly 3 million yuan. And the growth momentum is even more alarming, this year, the amount of millet cloud service data volume increased 7 times times year-on-year, is expected to increase next year 5 times times.

Such a path means that with the start-up of Qingyun, seven cows have the essence of the difference, Jin Shanyun already have a certain "starting amount." Compared with bat, Jinshan also has its own expertise in the field, not only with China's largest cloud storage business, in the game cloud also accumulated more than 200 customers. From the input-output look, not to mention stripped of the free personal business, enterprise-class cloud services means that the revenue.

Of course, as the overall strategy of Jinshan software, Jin Shanyun obviously will not be satisfied with their own business services, the introduction of a richer enterprise-class cloud services, for the broader cloud market will represent the future development of Jinshan. "Definitely going into the top five. "Investing 1 billion dollars in the next 3-5 years is the ticket lei buys for Jin Shanyun."

Money can't be willful.

Cloud services, a heavy asset investment industry.

Lei naturally know the need for money and courage, but the cloud is not a bottomless pit? Looking at the global layout of international giants, Microsoft is planning to invest 9 billion of billions of dollars in the Asian data Center, which is the site of South Korea this year, with IBM not only buying public cloud companies 2 billion dollars, but also investing 1.2 billion of billions of dollars to build 40 data centers worldwide. and bat enterprises in China each year to include infrastructure, including the data center business turnover of 5% to 10%, which is a magnitude of millions of U.S. dollars.

There are two main reasons why the data center has been so enjoyable: first, enterprise-class cloud services are more easily controllable and trustworthy. For example, the largest two cloud storage enterprises in the United States, the personal-oriented Dropbox to the cloud storage services built on Amazon AWS, and enterprise-oriented box is the Self-built data center. Second, when the data center is built, it can completely solve the problem of the increase of the trust cost caused by the exceeding of the expected user requirements. Especially when the business expands to a certain 10 boundary point, the cost advantage of self-built will appear quickly.

"The guard is not to be kept, must go forward." "Lei persuaded the board to take out Jinshan 26 years to save the true gold silver to invest in Jinshan own future." So, is 1 billion dollars enough? Lei that cloud services need more investment in the long term, but spending 1 billion dollars in 3-5 years is an astronomical figure and a handful in China. But is the money focused on the data center infrastructure, or is it focused on developing cloud services and software technology development?

Lei, which uses capital leverage, has adopted a eclectic and ingenious approach: Kingsoft Software, Millet and Temasek recently invested 296 million of billions of dollars in the interconnection of the century. Among them, Jinshan software investment 172 million U.S. dollars, holds the century interconnection 11.6% of shares, and plans to hire at least 5,000 cabinets, millet investment 50 million U.S. dollars, holding the century interconnected shares of 3.4%.

The reason for this is from Lei's judgment on future trends: third-party independent infrastructure cloud services companies will rise up step after year. The Century interconnection Chairman Sheng's view also coincides with Lei: IDC over the past decade is a resource-driven service industry, the next decade will be the same as the Internet is a product-driven service industry. Jin Shanyun to the entire lifeline of the basic cloud services to the century interconnection, must be a deep strategic cooperation, the most reassuring way is to become his shareholders.

Century interconnection is China's largest telecommunications neutral Internet infrastructure service provider (IDC), it has a nationwide data centers and nodes, the quality of network resources across the operator, providing server and network device hosting services, management network services, content distribution network, such as infrastructure cloud services, Help Jin Shanyun solve the infrastructure problems that are not good at building. Because this investment, if the century interconnection is also listed as Lei, then millet is the application layer of personal cloud services, Jin Shanyun is an enterprise-class cloud service platform, the century interconnection is the infrastructure layer of cloud services. In fact, this investment is also exactly in line with Lei understand the internet thinking of the seven-word tactic-"focus, Acme, Word-of-mouth, fast": Jin Shanyun can focus on more good cloud services, real gold and silver investment will be faster to improve the cloud layout, become a shareholder is a brother, the two sides of tacit investment and close integration will enhance customer experience, win a good reputation.

Obviously on this angle, Jinshan software now transformation cloud service providers have not been fast, the future of the odds geometry? In Lei's view, unlike the Internet's eyeball economy, cloud services do not necessarily have to compete for the first. There are at least five first-tier companies that can survive in this area, because "as with electricity and water, its market is big enough". In the future, the top five list will be who, is the Internet enterprises, or international giants, is the local enterprise hardware enterprises, or early innovation expensive? "Jin Shanyun must enter the top five. "Lei has handed over 1 billion dollars of cloud gambling to Zhanghongjiang.

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