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Beijing Time March 21 news, according to foreign media reports, cross-platform program developers Appcelerator and market research organization IDC published a joint trend quarterly mobile industry trends report shows that mobile developers of Google's different services in the network effect more interested, But the enthusiasm for developing the Android platform is fading. Another report shows that HTML5 is far from universal, cloud services are favored by more and more developers, the mobile industry from the "exploration" phase to the "accelerated development" period.

Google and Facebook are waging a battle over users ' attention to the Internet. It's not just how much of Google + and Facebook are competing for, it's a terminal to the terminal (End-to-end) platform, which includes information, application development, social maps, and content. Like other competition in the science and technology field, the struggle has shifted to the mobile field. Google may be doing better than the outside world in developing social mobile apps.

According to a report published by Appcelerator and IDC, 39% of developers believe that Google's overall assets are more important than Facebook's social atlas. Facebook has an absolute lead in the social arena, and the conclusion is clearly an ingenious response from Google.

What are some of the things that developers are interested in at the beginning of 2012? HTML5 is developing, cloud services become popular, and developers ' interest in Android is fading.

Google vs. Facebook

Developers ' interest in Google's social assets is not so much a matter of a relationship with Google + as it is with the network effects of its services, a comparison of Google's total assets with Facebook's social graph. Google has search, YouTube videos, gmail emails, Google Maps, the Android harsh App Store, Google Play store, Google Docs, AdMob advertising platform, plus social services. Facebook has a social atlas, an open atlas, a large number of user data, an ad platform and 425 million of mobile users.

34% of respondents said they did not fully understand Facebook's mobile strategy. This is a depressing proportion for the company that is about to start an IPO. Admittedly, 61% of developers are still more interested in Facebook's social mobile apps, but 90% of developers say this is because of the huge user base that the platform already has.

61% of developers are still more interested in Facebook's social mobile apps

"What Google is doing is explaining the links between the different assets, which is better than Facebook, and that's what developers are concerned about," says Mike King, chief mobile strategist and former Gartner mobile analyst at Appcelerator. ”

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