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Recently, Beijing created a guest space studio to 4 creators, they are Lenovo to create a guest contest excellent players. are college students. This time to create a guest space, they not only participated in the scene of self-made MP3 activities, mutual exchange of their own participation in Lenovo to create a guest contest works, but also around the "creators" of the topic launched a lively discussion.

(Li Yu, Beijing University of Information Technology)

All the creators think that the most important thing in the culture of creating a guest is to have a good idea, to have the spirit of innovation, to dare to try. After having the idea, only then can through diligently put this idea to carry out, the good idea is the good work Foundation, without this foundation, all is only in the castle of castles. Some creators said the Chinese thought is generally vertical, always thinking about how to improve a product better, the lack of lateral thinking of foreigners. He believes that the current Chinese creators need to diffuse lateral thinking, the different areas of technology together to produce new ideas.

(Vision, Beijing University of Information Technology, Meng Yuanhang)

In addition, the creators mentioned the issue of capital. As college students, the project funding is still relatively scarce. Chinese creators still lack the support of VCs like foreign tourists. The biggest problem for investors is that they need to see the best of interest, and it takes a while for a general idea to be implemented. So it is difficult for domestic creators to find investors. Students are more of a dream to do their favorite things. Now the school will give support, there are college students entrepreneurial plan, but also in recent years the country has begun to pay attention to.

(Wang Xuyang, Institute of Unmanned Aerial Technology, Beijing University of Information Technology)

There is also a problem in these young creators ' dialogues that is worth our attention, namely, the commercialization of creative works. Commercialization is a very troublesome thing to do, but if you really have a good idea and can be realized and valuable, you will have a lot of investors coming to you with a little bit of a look. Because they think you are feasible and can create value. "The Awl is in the bag, it always comes out." ”

(based on the Android platform of the city, a point of the platform project Beam also where)

In general, China's culture of creation is still not so popular abroad, but also in the initial stage of upsurge, but this also has the advantage can be said that the development of the Chinese creators of the space is still relatively large, everyone innovative thinking space is still relatively large. But at the same time, these creators also hope to get more attention from the community, can have more like Lenovo to create a guest contest such activities appear.

They believe that such activities as the Lenovo competition can gather a lot of outstanding creators, so that China's innovative ideas collide at this moment, to wipe out more sparks. And through the media publicity, can let more people know the existence of the group, also can let some good ideas and works by investors fancy, to promote.

Talking about the future development of Chinese culture, we all hold a positive attitude, that the future of China's innovation industry will develop more and more good, the creators will be even better!

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