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In judging a key index of the value of a production-city fusion model, the contribution of the model to local economic development is always the most important. For local governments at all levels, "Twelve-Five" period, the change of local economic growth mode, improve unit land output value, is already in front of the top priority. Aiming at such a goal, in the specific choice, the ideal of a new development model should have at least these characteristics: to fully stimulate the local advantages, adequate scale volume, with broad prospects of the core industry, green environmental protection and so on.

But the reality is that it's hard to make choices in many places, and there's not much room for choice. "In the competition of many development models, the Strait city model is approaching the ideal model that the local governments expect, through the practice of the Cloud City economic model in Nanjing and Pingtan two projects." "A leader of the Straits Construction said that the industrial and economic energy of the Straits City will be released gradually as the project progresses."

Local conditions: Stimulating potential

"The same as the channel Cloud City under the brand of the project, the Nanjing Strait City of Peace Tam Strait City is not a simple replication, each reflects the region with the environment corresponding to the distinctive characteristics, which is so far most of the so-called urban economic development model can not do." "A senior industry personage pointed out, in the cloud City economy's basic development idea, all over the Strait city each has the characteristic."

It is understood that Pingtan Strait city of the final industry and development model positioning of the core point of view is the strategic positioning of the Pingtan in the Hercynian Economic zone: cross-strait exchanges and Cooperation first pilot region, the service surrounding areas to develop a new open comprehensive channel, the eastern coastal region of the important base of advanced manufacturing, An important centre of natural and cultural tourism in China.

In addition to regional strategic positioning, the overall layout of the Hercynian is also an important reference for the final orientation of Pingtan Strait City. According to the development pattern of the network space of "the area, the five axes and the nine districts" of the Hercynian economic Zone, the advantage of Pingtan is that it has the advantageous condition of carrying on the "cross-strait cooperation" experimental plots, by virtue of its own unique advantages and strong national policy support, Pingtan was formally established as the Pingtan

The head of the above Straits Construction analysis, at present, the Pingtan urbanization rate is low, the industrial foundation is weak, the Pingtan construction is almost a piece of white paper, but has initially presented the explosive growth trend. At the same time, the development of the two major industries of ocean transportation and tunnel engineering has brought about strong purchasing power. "Even more prominent is that Pingtan enjoys the first trial of Taiwan's policy advantages and has a series of high starting point planning, through the active transfer of Taiwan's industry, will become Taiwan's offshore economy test plots." ”

Similarly, in Nanjing Strait City, China's first green vibrant intelligent city positioning, the Straits construction fully explore the city of Nanjing opportunities.

"In the new Yangtze River era, High-tech Industries and High-tech Capital of the two-wheeled development strategy for the city, the Straits of the Riverside business district to lay the foundation for the development of the value." "The head of the Straits Construction told the author that Nanjing has become a number of pilot cities, including in 2010, the Ministry of Science and Technology awarded Nanjing the only comprehensive reform of the science and technology system of the pilot city, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology awarded Nanjing China Software City to create pilot cities, In 2011, Nanjing was listed as the first batch of innovative urban construction pilot cities by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which is the important reference for the final orientation of Nanjing Strait City.

In addition, Nanjing has a full cloud city economic development of scientific and technological resources, including more than 50 institutions of higher learning, more than 600 scientific research institutions, more than 700,000 university students and more than 80 academicians of the two houses.

2011, Nanjing launched the Science and Technology Action Plan, the Nanjing Science and Technology capital Construction kicked off, also became the Nanjing Strait City Cloud landing the best time.

In the channel city nationwide expansion plan, this kind of localization method will run through all the Times. But perhaps each place's characteristic each department is same, the Strait City Cloud City economy basic development thought unchanged.

New engine of local economy

As a new model of cloud City economic Development, the ultimate fate depends largely on the driving force and sustaining ability of local economy, and first of all, the model itself must have strong industrial attraction.

The author of the latest access to a channel construction internal data, "channel Cloud Valley Science and Technology Park preferential policy Planning" disclosed the Nanjing Strait City preliminary Formation of a series of policies.

Among them, the tax preferential policy involves the park Management Service enterprise preferential policy, the software enterprise, the integrated circuit enterprise, the cultural industry preferential policy, the High-tech enterprise preferential policy and so on.

At the same time, Nanjing Strait City will also be to the park management company or development company to give rent subsidy, investment subsidies, and cloud computing base operation subsidy. And the park to obtain VC (venture capital), PE (private funds) and other social investment enterprises, as well as registered in the park enterprises in the domestic or overseas successful listing, to give a certain amount of subsidy.

The head of the Straits Construction said further that such an incentive stimulus would also be implemented in the Straits City project in Pingtan Strait City and in the future, and the corresponding policy care should be introduced according to the characteristics of each channel city to strengthen the industrial attraction of the Strait city.

"The industrial attraction will be the key to give full play to the industrial capacity and energy of each channel city, otherwise, in the empty city state, the good industrial position cannot exert the impetus to the local economy." The person in charge bluntly.

Perhaps, the strong thrust of the cloud city economy on local economic development is the greatest attraction of the Strait city.

(Responsible editor: Lu Guang)

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