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This reporter Li Daqing cloud computing, a current popular and fashionable words. Most ordinary people do not understand the meaning of it, and the industry experts, although claiming to understand its connotation, but it is difficult to form a unified concept. This is the reality of cloud computing. However, this does not affect the application of cloud computing.  A few days ago, at a seminar on cloud computing, experts and scholars discussed the concept of cloud computing, on the other hand, on the future application of cloud computing. September 1, China's cloud computing Services Development Trend Symposium was held in Beijing by the Ministry of Industry software and integrated Circuit Promotion Center, China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization and China Software Industry Association.  More than 100 representatives from domestic tertiary institutions, research institutes and enterprises attended the meeting. "At present, there is no global definition of cloud computing, the definition of the network is about a few hundred species, but the international it giants have their own definition of cloud computing." These definitions are based on their own technology and product characteristics summed up, by definition to show that their products are cloud computing products.  "At the symposium, Cloud computing experts Zhao the status of cloud computing-Google has Google's explanation, Microsoft has Microsoft's definition, coupled with the various scholars, the concept of cloud computing." "No matter what the cloud is portrayed, cloud computing is essentially the same as the basic process of running a variety of computers: input data from input, after data processing, and then output from output."  "China Software Industry Association Embedded Systems Branch Secretary-General Guo Chun is a profound understanding of cloud computing architecture." Still, Guo Chun the Chaoven definition of cloud computing: cloud computing is for the purpose of application, through the Internet will be necessary for a large number of hardware and software in accordance with a certain structural system, and with the changes in application requirements to constantly adjust the structure system created a minimal internal friction, the most effective virtual resource service collection. He thinks the definition is unique in that it emphasizes that hardware and software need to be "connected to a certain structural system" to form cloud computing. "For example, the parts that make up a car are fully assembled, and the car cannot be run without the structure of the car." "The uncertainty of the cloud computing concept does not affect the study of cloud computing application trends."  For example, the bus IC card currently only uses the purchase of prepaid tickets to reduce the function, if the IC card to enter more cardholder information, and then link the reader together, you can read a certain period of age of people to ride more, from where to get off the car, what line of traffic congestion and so on a lot of information.  NI, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, said at the symposium in the future, many cloud computing devices will replace the monopoly of the traditional PC with a variety of intelligent terminals for 4C integration (integration of content and services, computers, communications, consumer electronics, etc.), including smartphones, tablets, e-books, smart TVs, and so on. There are also experts discussing cloud medicine. The core resource of cloud medicine is disease management, and other activities occur on the basis of disease resources, such as patients who go to the doctor because of illness, because the sick person willThere is a doctor's activity; In order to cure the disease, the doctor will recommend the medicine; We may have established disease management systems, human management systems, drug management systems, government regulatory systems, disease and patient linkages, and the way patients and doctors relate, but these systems are independent. For example, in the human management system, the basic data is the Public Security Bureau management, other file data is managed by the personnel department, the data is not established for the development of cloud medical. But when a person goes to a hospital to see a doctor, this person's data and disease establish a correlation, need to get patient information.  Through the cloud medical care can be linked to these independent systems, in the shortest possible time to provide a variety of services. (Beijing, September 5, Xinhua)
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