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Although 2011 years have not ended, according to the supplier in the past two quarters of sales performance and the short-term market conditions of the forecast situation, the entire server industry, the whole year two largest market growth point, respectively, from the Internet and the government's cloud computing procurement projects.

Resource contention for partners with resource integration capabilities, the ability to implement cloud computing, will be the main competitive point in the future server industry chain.

Although 2011 years have not ended, according to the supplier in the past two quarters of sales performance and the short-term market conditions of the forecast situation, the entire server industry, the whole year two largest market growth point, respectively, from the Internet and the government's cloud computing procurement projects.

"In third-party reports, the domestic server market in 2011 showed a growth rate of nearly 30% per cent in the past, with no annual growth of more than this year." Chang, Intel server platform Product manager, said, "This growth was in the first year of the Twelve-Five plan, when large government procurement did not occur." You can imagine the extent to which the overall market has been driven by exploding procurement needs, such as social networks, IPDC and cloud computing. "

China's demand for server procurement is just a projection of global market changes. The global market for servers in the first half of 2011 was 17% per cent year-on-year, and the industry was surprised by the high share of Internet and cloud-driven growth in the overall market, according to the Global Markets report, which was released shortly ago by IDC.

In the server market, the growth of X86 server and the penetration of the key business also showed a more obvious trend in the 2011. With the purchase demand of users becoming more and more rational, the characteristics of green energy-saving, reliability and manageability of the system are more and more concerned. As new versions of X86 server processors adopt more new technologies, more and more industry customers are starting to migrate their key businesses to X86.

In China, more than four-way servers in the market share of nearly 11%, in the world is less than 5%. And this market share will continue to rise, the future may reach 15% of the share. The growth of X86 servers in key business applications is evident.

Internet demand drives price war

In a new explosion in the Internet industry, with new popular applications such as SNS, microblogging, group buying, online gaming and mobile applications, the demand for server procurement and deployment growth has been placed in a very high position. Compared with previous years, the current Internet service Provider search provides a wider range of applications, resulting in a greater demand for services and application outbreaks. Take the domestic market as an example, in addition to focus on search and bidding rankings related to the business of Baidu, the other large internet companies are almost horizontal expansion of their business, resulting in the purchase amount of any one server industry can not ignore.

"In the Internet industry as a whole, the fastest growing server demand is the emerging Internet application-driven, IT infrastructure for backing up in the background." "In the cloud computing world, where the user's heuristics and skepticism have largely been eliminated in the past few years, the question of ' What is cloud computing ' or ' what's the benefit of cloud computing ' is already being discussed, with more users, including local cloud computing centers, operators and businesses," said Chang. has focused on how cloud computing has fallen to the ground. Their understanding of cloud computing and application of the degree of further deepening of the server market has also played a relatively large impetus. "

Compared with the traditional industry for the server procurement requirements, the Internet industry, whether in product demand or in procurement mode are completely different. These purchases are far more than the same size of traditional enterprises of the new users have a strong program design capabilities, they often want to design their own product architecture, while the traditional server provider only to play the role of providing hardware, customization requirements than any previous industry. In other words, companies with more customization capabilities will have a higher share of the internet industry.

In addition, large Internet companies have a stronger need for the service capabilities of IT infrastructure providers. Better service and more timely manufacturers and solutions to the market in this fierce competition in a foothold. In addition, some Internet industry customers have a huge demand for software, especially development and management software, and they want IT infrastructure providers to help with their own software systems, provide them with support for IT management, application development process management, but in the procurement process, Their hardware procurement and software procurement is separate, in the simple server procurement, whether the more powerful software capabilities, has not yet become the Internet giants procurement server hardware is the main criterion.

"Compared with other industry users, internet users, regardless of size, are the most lack of loyalty group, product price is reasonable, product design and service to meet his needs, these users are the only reference conditions, and the first in the project bidding is particularly important." "There are comments from insiders.

It is true that in the Internet industry, whether it is in the country and even the world to form a fact monopoly of large companies, or just started, the purchase volume of hundreds of to thousands of small enterprises, the price competition is very obvious. In this kind of impulse to help the most direct industry, more and more manufacturers to take a direct price war to attract customers, even at the cost of the line to provide customers with a complete set of server systems. This kind of competition method not only messes up the market situation, but also makes the channel that does not have the advantage of price competition resources more and more difficult to participate in the construction process of the Internet industry project. This is not really good for internet companies that need timely localization services.

The Internet industry in the project purchase bargain is the common phenomenon in the whole industry. May be encountered in every Internet project. The internet on the cost of a large degree, low profit can be understood, but the server is a comprehensive market, in the Internet industry, there are some traditional, not sensitive to the price of the industry, different segments of the market or make profits, is able to achieve balance. In addition, the Internet industry may be out of value, if it can better meet their business requirements, can bring value.

The trend of customization leads the internet market

In the Internet industry, while the demand for server procurement increased, its customization requirements for server products are also growing. First-line Internet industry users of the server product planning has been done two years later, how to build the computer room in 2013, how to deploy the computer room, how to manage the internet industry, the Big Mac has begun to pay attention to. And for the second-tier Internet companies, the server can be deployed, manageability requirements are increasingly high, for the half width and even more high-density server products, these customers are more and more acceptance.

"Large internet companies have their own design capabilities, small companies start lower and value prices, to meet the needs of both types of customers, is to provide low-cost customization of the Server a path." "China Hewlett-Packard Industry standard Server Product Marketing Director Liu Hongchen said. In his view, a large multinational server provider such as Hewlett-Packard is based on the demand of large internet companies, which can quickly reflect and design products in a shorter time when Chinese Internet companies produce similar needs. In contrast, domestic enterprises have more rapid local reflection capacity, and the traditional white card server manufacturers also have strong research and development capabilities and response speed, in the Internet industry driven by the traditional pattern of the server market will further towards the pillars situation.

In the previous distributed computing environment, the customer's demand is relatively dispersed, can not form the purchase demand, and no one is specially customized. And in the Internet industry and large cloud computing centers, tens of thousands of purchases can be directly with the server manufacturers to customize the project procurement. For some small Internet industry customers, their needs also have characteristics, but the demand has not reached a scale, no one to pay attention to.

In contrast, channels and small and medium-sized server manufacturers have a certain degree of flexibility, they can diversify into a number of small customers together, can also form thousands of, or even tens of thousands of units of the procurement scale, can also be customized. Therefore, in the small and medium sized Internet market, small and medium-sized server manufacturers and channels are more opportunities than large manufacturers.

In the new wave of the Internet, because of the trend of further centralization of server procurement, as a server seller, system integrators and solutions have not had as many opportunities as the first Internet wave. But for system integrators, the 20–30% growth rate of the Internet market every year is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for development. Able to keep up with this wave, to maintain the size of users of the program, it is possible to lay the user base, to win the trust of the Internet industry. Although there is little loyalty in the industry, server channels are able to gain equal opportunities with vendors in Internet projects if they are able to continuously upgrade their local service capabilities during the sales process.

Cloud Project Stimulates server market

When interviewed by ASUS product Manager Cang Rong People, he is in the East Zhejiang District and the local government to discuss the project, according to government policy makers planning, the county hopes to be able to launch through the Cloud Computing project, China's first to achieve the government Cloud County. The county's planning can be said to be a microcosm of the domestic server market, in the first year of Twelve-Five, local, municipal and provincial units have launched the government cloud computing projects, as if the server market growth is another support point.

"In the entire cloud computing project of Ningbo Xiangshan County, we want the desktop cloud to solve the problem of government industry user clients and then expand to the infrastructure cloud and industry cloud." "We put education and government systems on the top of the cloud, and we could initially plan for 200 points," said Cang Rongmin. "

A county-level unit has such a perfect cloud computing plan, the government cloud on the market pull role can be seen. Rongmin said the company's current product line can only meet the needs of small private cloud applications such as local governments and High-tech enterprises, but even so, the cloud-related projects account for 10~15% in the overall sales of ASUS servers. As an important means of stimulating domestic demand and stimulating local informatization level and industrial structure, under the strong input from all over the government, the program of the Super Center advocated by various governments has been replaced by the Cloud Computing Center by 2011. Whether it is the park cloud that provides the service for the High-tech Park Enterprise, or the inner-government cloud that integrates the computation resources of the administration, or the mixed cloud of "intelligent City" with the public service function, all bring more server sales opportunity for IT industry. And compared with the internet industry, the government cloud construction process, for each region localization service is more intense, the role of regional integrators, scheme vendors and ISVs is more important.

"In terms of industry applications, cloud computing has been geothermal this year, a bit taller than we thought." "In the first half of the sales, involving cloud computing business accounted for 1/4 of the overall business, the second half of this proportion is sure to be higher," said Shinking, a vice president of the Department of Shuguang. That figure is not surprising, but the number of growth is staggering compared to the rare cloud computing projects of the past. "

Shinking on cloud computing for the server market to promote the impact of deep feelings, the company has just built the Shenzhen Cloud Computing Center is now the world's fourth largest system, and the future of Chongqing, Ordos and other land cloud planning projects, once the landing, the scale will be far greater than Shenzhen. In terms of sales trends, the proportion of cloud computing in the overall business of the dawn continues to increase, and very quickly. Shinking estimates that in 2014-2015 years, cloud computing will lead the server market into a sustainable peak.

As the "Twelve-Five" in the first year, a large number of information projects are still in the planning situation, from planning applications, reply to implementation, will be a complicated process. And the server involves the IT infrastructure construction, the project generally will be relatively large, the overall implementation will have a certain lag, so in each of the second half of the five-plan, is the state investment in the information construction project really on the horse.

Cloud computing provides an opportunity for ISVs

In the cloud computing environment, as the main carrier of computing resources of the server product has not changed too much, and the Internet industry, personalized purchase demand highlighting the situation is different, the cloud computing system is still relying on standard industrial hardware. Cloud computing Server and IDC server, Office Server does not have many different places, its value mainly in the whole system. From cloud infrastructure to cloud management systems, to the cloud storage and cloud security system, cloud computing from the platform to build, is to the cloud server, infrastructure, storage, management, security, many aspects are done well, at the same time to form an organic whole, this is a more applicable cloud computing platform. In the early process, the most important is the integration of manufacturers and solutions.

Driven by the rapid development of the government cloud industry, at present, many areas of government cloud in the construction process presents an "empty shelf" situation, the original should be integrated government departments of different sectors of business and public service functions of the government cloud, really can be in the data center infrastructure to provide outside the number of fine-differentiated applications. This first shelves, after the meat-type construction form, but also for more it channel operators to leave more opportunities.

"The current technology challenge in the server domain is not to meet the trend of general computing, but to centralize and integrate servers, and to go far, cloud computing." "said Shang, general manager of Acer's server business. Traditional industry users of the use of a single server is relatively single, and in the integration of cloud computing requirements, the requirements of the server and the past has a relatively large difference.

Shang introduced, in the government's information projects, all over the tendency to put all the authority of the application of the Bureau concentrated in a collection of practices, and some large-scale enterprises are such a trend, in this case, the requirements on the server is very different from the past. To do cloud computing, you need to enhance the high load, scalability, and stability of your server products, as well as a high degree of compatibility with virtualization technology and greater network throughput.

"Acer's main products in cloud computing and enterprise clusters are rack-and-380f1, optimized for cloud computing in terms of bandwidth, memory, and network throughput, and have been successfully deployed and applied in cloud computing projects for users in such industries as Thailand Telecom. "

"In the ' Twelve-Five ' period, the Government's overall information investment will be very large, but the focus of input will be adjusted." For example, the popular high-speed railway construction will slow down, and more is the basic people's livelihood construction, including education and medical input will be increased, the two industry informatization will speed up. Shang said, "From now on, the ' Twelve-Five ' period in the area of people's livelihood construction, infrastructure projects will be more than the previous stage, including the improvement of hospital service capacity, will really bring the medical industry informatization to the level of front-line industry." And there will be a lot of new opportunities in the future government's public cloud projects. "

In the Beijing Yang View, after the cloud computing project, the whole industry will begin to shuffle the process further. "The machine is concentrated, the hardware is running backwards, the application running forward is unstoppable trend." The share of hardware sales is small, but other shares will increase, to see if you will do it. Shinking said, "cloud computing will eliminate small and medium channel business, if originally will save hardware, will be unemployed." At the same time, cloud computing will bring many new opportunities to the channel. The cloud platform is well built and requires thousands of applications. To use this platform to provide industry applications, occupy their own place, the day is very good. For partners, to find their own base, we need to have a deeper understanding of industry and applications, in the future industry IT systems in the process of cloud evolution of more demand. "

"For customers to provide integrated, server pre-installed cloud computing solutions, so that customers can be powered on, the deployment burden into 0." For us, from the pure selling server to sell the whole system, value-added capacity has been greatly improved. Cang Rongmin said.

Therefore, in small and medium-sized users, the overall packaging of the desktop cloud will be the first popular cloud computing projects. The cost of a desktop cloud may not be low as the most likely landing, the easiest to agree on the value of a cloud scenario, but if the total cost of ownership is deduced within 5 years, it will be significantly lower than the traditional IT infrastructure and easier for customers to accept. The current desktop cloud system is mainly for desktop-level application virtualization, addressing desktop environment issues, and infrastructure cloud and industry cloud in the popularity of small and medium users, it will be possible in a more long-term stage to achieve.

In Beijing's Yang View, the future of the cloud era, to solve a smaller user customization problem, the same is to rely on cloud computing to solve. He said, "in strict sense, Baidu, Tencent, such as the size of the server customization is not a real customization, and in the overall macro user customization needs, the cloud era most of the ISV's application through a common server can be solved, and as the cloud application more and more into the system, the future will be integrated into the cloud platform inside, User customization may be more likely to become mainstream with the customization of cloud applications. "

In the current cloud computing environment, server, storage, network and management software integration trend is becoming more and more obvious, this will certainly give a certain degree of impact on the future of the server products. The integration of the entire IT infrastructure is bound to take advantage of high-performance, large memory, high throughput servers, while merging the need for servers to be managed uniformly. In which, the ability to integrate resources of the program will also have a very big place. And for resources to integrate capacity, that is, cloud computing implementation capabilities of the partner resource contention, will be the future server industry chain, the most important competition point.

"Currently in Acer's Server Agent system, has formed a core partner system of dozens of agents, Acer will be in the capacity to upgrade, personnel training, joint development programs and display center to build and provide spare no effort to help." "Shang, general manager of Acer Server business, described Acer's work on improving the capabilities of its channel partners in cloud computing," with a large number of sales support staff dedicated to server products across the country, with Acer account managers and product technicians covering the country, and the data center behind, Cloud computing Professional Support team, all-round to help partners achieve the ability to upgrade. "

Compared with the manufacturers, the solution is closer to customers, with the most understanding of customer needs of the natural advantages, and relatively lack of the programme to provide capacity. At this stage, more and more manufacturers play the role of the solution, more and more to provide integrated solutions, in fact, can also help the solution more easily to achieve the integration of solutions to meet customer needs.

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