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Today, there are countless cloud storage service providers in the marketplace, and these service providers want users to be able to register their services. In order to attract more users, these vendors will use the free cloud storage strategy for marketing. What are some of the things that are trustworthy in the cloud services market, which is specifically targeted at the enterprise level?

The following is the current international market more mature several cloud storage services. In theory, users get a lot of free storage space, but not all services are. Some of these restrictions can make you very embarrassed, such as large file uploads, extra space and the choice of operating platform, which is the root of the service provider's survival.


Name: Amazon Cloud Drive


Amazon Cloud Drive

Free cloud storage: 5 GB

Additional storage: gb,10 USD/year, USD gb,25/year, gb,50 USD/year, gb,100 USD/year, 1 tb,500 USD/year. Import song free cloud music player: 250;250000 year import song, 24.99 USD/year.

Amazon Cloud Drive is Amazon's launch of a personal cloud storage service, individual users can enjoy 5GB of free space, can easily save photos, videos, documents and other digital files in the cloud. Apart from the web version, it also provides Windows and Mac desktop applications, the installation of desktop clients, select the file to upload, right-click the mouse can be sent directly to the cloud Drive, you can drag and drop operations to save the file, clouds will automatically sync.

Functional features

Online storage, as you need

Never worry about losing valuable memories or visiting your important files on the road. Amazon Cloud Drive can easily save your photos, videos, documents and other digital files in the cloud. You can start the experience with 5GB of free space enough to store up to 2000 photos.

One-stop storage, anywhere access

Once you have installed Windows or MAC desktop applications, simply add files to the Cloud Drive folder, and cloud synchronization is done automatically. You can use a variety of web browsers to access cloud files on the road.

File sync, anytime

Just install the Cloud Drive application on your computer and start using it. Add files to your Cloud Drive folder, and we use synchronization technology to keep your computer and cloud files consistent. If you change the file, we will handle everything else to ensure that your files are synchronized with your computer and the cloud.

File management, save time and effort

After you install the Cloud Drive application on another computer, your files are automatically copied and synchronized to the latest status. The file you need is hand-available.

Cloud storage, safe and reliable

Your files will be securely stored in the cloud. Even if something is wrong with your computer, you can always visit Amazon Cloud Drive recover files.

Name: Apple icloud



Free cloud storage: 5 GB

Additional storage: GB (5 GB total free), USD 20/year, $ gb,100/year.

More information: April 9, 2009, Xcerion released icloud, the world's first free online computer, to provide anyone in the world with their own online computers, plus free storage, applications, and software available from any computer connected to the Internet Features such as virtual desktops and backup access. June 7, 2011, Apple in San Francisco Mosconewest Convention and Exhibition Center convened the Global Developers Conference (WWDC2011), officially released icloud Cloud services, the service can make existing Apple devices seamless docking. [1] icloud is a cloud service provided by Apple, allowing users to store 5GB of data for free. Free cloud services icloud will store and access your music, photos, applications, calendars, documents and more in a new way, and push all your settings wirelessly, and everything will be done automatically. Managing your content becomes incredibly simple, because you never have to. Everything will be anywhere and anytime.

Name: Box



Free cloud storage: GB

Additional storage: Individual accounts, GB $9.99 per month, gb,19.99 USD/month. Business account: USD 15/user/month, 3-500 users, 1 TB with password-protected sharing, access management, and user management. Enterprise Edition: Custom pricing, unlimited storage, providing customer branding, group access control.

More information: box is a web2.0 concept of the network hard Disk Service Web site, that is, Web-page memory Web using AJAX technology to build the operating interface, fresh and simple and very easy to use, free registration will get 1G upload space and 25MB file size format, 25M is sufficient for most text files. At present, it is the best used file storage sharing space.

The vast majority of netizens can also use the shared documents freely. Supports almost all file types, including audio, video, pictures, and documents, with a single file size of no more than 25MB. Select the local file, enter the email address and nickname can upload and get a piece of code, directly placed in the blog article on it. "

Name: Dropbox



Free cloud storage: 2 GB

Additional storage: "Prov" account from gb,9.99 USD/month or 99 USD/year, 49.99 GB or 499 USD/year per month. "Team" account, 1 TB for 795 USD/Year 5 users for each additional user and 125 dollars.

More information: Dropbox was founded in 2007 to provide free and fee-based services, under different operating systems have client software, and there are Web clients, can be stored in the local files automatically synchronized to the cloud server save. Because of the nature of cloud services, the cost of Dropbox storage will be infinitely diluted.

Dropbox is a very useful free network file Synchronization tool, is the Dropbox company run the online storage service, through cloud computing to achieve the Internet file synchronization, users can store and share files and folders. Dropbox offers free and fee-based services, Dropbox's fee-based services include Dropbox Pro and Dropbox for Business. Client software is available under different operating systems and has Web clients.

When you use Dropbox in Computer A, all files in the specified folder will be automatically "synchronized" to the Dropbox server, the next time you need to use these files in computer B, you only need to log in to your account, all the synchronized files will automatically download to B computer. Also, your modification of a file in computer B will be reflected in computer A, and all of this is fully automated, so that your file can be kept up to date anytime and anywhere. Put the files into the Dropbox of a computer, and the files can be synchronized to the Dropbox server side, which can be accessed on any computer you have installed Dropbox. You can access these files from the Dropbox Web site using a computer or mobile terminal.

Dropbox support file bulk drag and drop upload, single file maximum limit of 300M. If the client upload is not the largest single file limit, free account total capacity of up to 18.8G, but if the flow exceeded the entire account's external chain traffic will be canceled.

Name: Google Drive


Google Drive

Free cloud storage: 5 gb--Google Docs and files converted to Google Docs do not count into storage limits. 1 GB free photo video stored in Picasa Web albums, unlimited store photos and videos at Google + (up to 15 minutes of video).

Additional storage: gb,2.49 USD/month, gb,4.99 USD/month, gb,9.99 USD/month, 1 tb,49.99 USD/month, tb,799.99 USD/month.

More information: Google Drive is an online cloud storage service launched by Google, where users can get 15GB of free storage space. At the same time, if users have greater demand, they can get more storage space by paying. Users can login through a unified Google account. The Google Drive service will have a local client version and a Web interface version, which is similar to the Google Docs interface. Will be launched for Google Apps customers, with a special domain name. In addition, Google will provide a third party API interface, allowing people from other programs to save content to Google Drive.

Linux version

While Google Drive will support Windows and OS X operating systems and will support mobile devices, the current message does not suggest that Google will launch a Linux version of Google Drive services. However, the correlation analysis reports that: According to Google's style and the actual situation, the Linux version of the Google Drive launched is certain, but only time and sooner or later things.

Name: Mediafire



Free cloud storage: GB

Additional storage: Professional Edition of GB 4.50 USD/month, and commercial edition for 49 U.S. dollars to provide 1 TB.

More information: Mediafire is a veteran free network hard drive from Washington, and its Alex World ranked 60, has been rated by PC Magazine as one of the world's top Web sites in 2008, while CNET, Lifehacker, PC, USA Today and TechCrunch and other famous websites as the most convenient network storage services Web site. No registration, no need to download any software, you can upload files to share.

Free registered users can upload a single file of 200MB maximum, paid users 10G, unlimited upload/download times, no traffic restrictions, free user total capacity of 50G (such as more than 50G, the site will be prompted to purchase capacity), support the chain, can upload multiple files (not more than 10), upload/ Download speed is more stable, support thunder and other download tools download, but do not support the continuation of the breakpoint. Theoretically there is no storage time limit, but the user is not logged in for more than 60 days or the file is not downloaded within 30 days, the file will be deleted.

Name: Microsoft SkyDrive



Free cloud storage: 7 GB

Additional storage: $ gb,10 USD/year, gb,25 USD/year, gb,50 USD/year.

More information: Wherever you are, you can access all the content on your SkyDrive, your personal cloud. Automatically get your photos, documents and other important files from your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac. In short, your information and information will not be limited to any computer or equipment.

Also, if you are using Windows 8 and are logged on to a Microsoft account, you can view all your photos and files, edit and share Office documents, or share documents with anyone you choose. In addition, your background, your display, and your settings will roam with you.

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