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February 15 News, sources revealed that the domestic well-known cloud storage service Provider 115 network disk is about to start the cloud storage open platform strategy, its technology and resources in the cloud storage area through the application programming Interface (API) to partners to use, and further apply the cloud storage infrastructure services to the Internet, application software, Consumer electronics products, mobile equipment and other fields to serve the community.

As the future IT industry is the most anticipated development trend, cloud computing topics are common in the major media and IT Industry Summit Forum, the local cloud computing policies are endless, but ordinary people are rare real cloud computing applications, how much a little foggy feeling. With the explosive growth of smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, multimedia PCs and other intelligent electronic devices, the sharing and exchanging of massive data information among terminals has become an inevitable trend, and the demand for cloud storage services has been greeted with an astonishing growth period. If 2011 is cloud computing, cloud storage concept hype year, then 2012 will be the cloud storage application explosion year.

At present, the world's leading electronics giants Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, HP, HTC and other companies have launched a cloud storage strategy, integrated cloud storage capabilities of consumer electronics products will not be too long to go into ordinary people's homes. Apple launched the icloud cloud strategy last June to support automatic seamless synchronization of personal information and content, such as music, pictures, and documents, between all Apple devices. According to foreign media reports, the total number of icloud users has more than 85 million people, in the fourth quarter of last year, the number of new users more than the Mac, IPhone, ipad and ipod devices such as the total volume of the same time.


Analysts believe that with Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Renren and other common Internet enterprises open platform is different, if the 115 network disk launched cloud storage open platform, the affected area will not only be limited to the Internet, it will also be digital home appliances, handheld devices and other terminals that need to store and share data provide the underlying cloud storage services, which can be said to be an exciting game of chess. For instance, future smartphones will have cloud storage capabilities to achieve cloud backup of mobile phone data resources such as contacts, text messages, photos, software, but it is not possible for each handset manufacturer to build its own cloud storage network, the manufacturer only spends a small amount of money to rent the cloud storage service of the mature cloud storage provider, This will not affect the integration of cloud storage capabilities and focus on the development of their existing business.

As a domestic early start, with a large amount of users of cloud storage service providers, 115 network disk to start the cloud storage open platform strategy, will likely cause a new wave of comprehensive opening of the network industry. Public information shows that the headquarters in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, 115 network disk last year has been billion a round of financing, personal cloud storage users have done 25 million, ranked first in the domestic industry. At present, 115 network has set up Beijing company, will use the talent resources of Beijing to create new research and development and operations team. &NBSP

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