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Because of the impact of the financial crisis, all kinds of large video sites have been or large or small impact, at this time if you go to do some large-scale video site is not likely, but if there is a good idea, do a small video site, such as economic recovery can be through a variety of ways to make the site bigger. If you already have ideas to do a small video site, in addition to the need to consider the video source, the most important is the server and bandwidth, the bandwidth is within the scope of their own can withstand the larger the better, and the server, for small video sites, the server is mainly required to have enough http:// "> Storage space to store the video source, followed by the performance of the server also has certain requirements.

is a Web site first, the server will need to be hosted, due to the impact of hosting costs, it is best to choose a more easily managed, lower hosting cost of the rack-type server, the other rack-type server according to the different height of 1U, 2U, 4U and other specifications, different height of the corresponding hosting costs are not the same, Based on cost factors, I think if you are not deploying a larger video site, and the video source is not very much, that can be considered as far as possible 1U rack-type server.

Server performance, the most important is the processor's computing power, most of the current server with four or dual-core processors, to some extent fully meet the needs of ordinary small video sites, and may need to upgrade the server in the future to meet the needs of the expansion of the site, It is best to choose a server that supports dual processor.

Storage, because the video site for memory and hard disk space requirements are relatively large, and the current normal servers are only standard 1GB memory capacity, I suggest the best to increase the memory to 2GB to more adequate to meet the corresponding needs. Hard disk as a video source of the main storage devices, generally require a considerable capacity, and the ordinary 1U rack server with fewer hard drive bays, so I recommend the purchase of a single large-capacity hard disk. In addition, the hard drive generally has SATA and SAS two kinds of specifications, in performance, SAS have faster data transmission capabilities, but the current single SAS hard disk capacity is relatively low, and SATA in data transmission, the current can reach 300mbps/s speed, has been completely able to meet the needs of the general video site, It is also possible to build a RAID 0 disk array to enhance the read capability of the hard drive, and most importantly, the current single SATA hard drive has reached 1.5TB capacity, so the author recommends using a SATA hard drive to build a RAID 0 array as the storage medium for the video source.

In order to let the vast number of small video site owners to buy more suitable for their own server, the following author to recommend a few cost-effective rack-style server to meet the needs of everyone.

Dell PowerEdge SC1435

The Dell PowerEdge SC1435 is a 1U rack-level server for entry-level users, the machine uses dual AMD Hao long dual-core processor, the use of ordinary SATA hard drives, but also with the Dell Nineth-generation rack-type server and tower server, the same visual LCD screen, to help users troubleshoot server failures, At present, the price is less than 8000 yuan, with a very good price.

The Dell PowerEdge SC1435 employs a standard 1U rack structure designed with 1 AMD Opteron 2212 duo processors, core frequencies 2.0GHz, dual-core shared 2MB two cache, front-side bus for 1000MHz, and maximum support for dual-channel AMD Hao-long series processors. Standard 1GB DDR2 667 memory, maximum support 32GB memory capacity, recommended that users increase memory to 2-4GB capacity.

Storage, the standard provides 1 160GB SATA hard drives, the server built 2 SATA hard drive bays, the current single 1.5TB SATA hard disk capacity, the largest can support 3TB hard disk capacity. The machine does not provide disk array functionality as standard, and the user can support the appropriate disk array with an optional disk array card. The server provides 1 24X CD-ROM drive, integrated dual Broadcom 5721J Gigabit Adaptive Ethernet card, users can deploy the server in a dual-line room to meet the north and South users access speed. The machine is also equipped with 1 PCI Express X8 or 1 PCI expansion slots. 1 600W Server dedicated power supply provides power support to the server.

Editorial Reviews: This Dell PowerEdge SC1435 server has very good performance, AMD dual Core Hao Long processor provides better computing power, although the machine is not equipped with more hard drive bays, but 3TB capacity has been able to meet the storage needs of small video sites, Less than 8000 yuan Price also let it outstanding, in line with the small video station webmaster budget.

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