Dangdang 2013 Digital Book sales download more than 20 million copies

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Absrtact: Recently, the digital publication annual Meeting convenes, the deposition already has the Dangdang finally at this annual meeting has displayed own digital book's fine performance. Dangdang founder and CEO Guoqing at the annual meeting revealed that Dangdang 2013 digital book sales download more than 20 million copies,

Recently, the digital publishing annual meeting held, the deposition of Dangdang finally in the annual meeting to show their own digital books of good performance. Dangdang founder and CEO Guoqing at the annual meeting revealed that Dangdang 2013 digital book sales download more than 20 million copies, accounting for all books sales of One-tenth. Guoqing also predicts that Dangdang's number is expected to surpass paper sales in the next 5 years and determine Dangdang's leading edge in the digital reading market.

Dangdang founder Guoqing

It is reported that guoqing considerable attention to Dangdang's digital publishing business, and therefore the internal structure has been reorganized. At present, Dangdang has expanded the power of E-books and when reading departments, and with more authors and publishing organizations, and strongly promote the integration of the publishing industry and Dangdang. In addition, Dangdang will also timely launch the network original open platform to achieve the diversification of digital publishing.

Digital reading contains huge market opportunities, and much more than the existing book publishing market. China's digital Reading in 2013 has reached a rate of more than 50%, surpassing all media growth. The income of mobile phone publication reaches 58 billion. Among them, the growth of E-books is the fastest, from 2006 to 2013, the income growth of E-book is 78.16%.

There are opportunities and challenges. Guoqing that network piracy is Dangdang and the entire publishing industry into the digital field of the biggest challenge. In this regard, the domestic well-known search engine and other network giants played a disgraceful role. Internet piracy has destroyed the Chinese music industry and is now the Public Enemy of digital publishing, he called on the government to pay attention to internet anti-piracy, "fly tigers together."

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