Everything from the "finishing"

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Abstract: From the beginning of arranging, we read two books of "Satoshi Satoshi" and "creative thinking" of Sato Keishi and gave some enlightenment and wanted to share with you. Record a bit similar to the way the thinking of jumping essays, I hope everyone will have patience to read

Everything from the "finishing"

Recently read Sato Cox's "super finishing surgery" and "creative thinking surgery" two books, with some enlightenment, would like to share with you. Recorded a bit similar to the way the thinking of jumping essays, I hope everyone will be inspired after reading ...

Finishing the word is no stranger to everyone, Sato said in his book finishing more interesting, mainly through the study and finishing, so that the work of a significant degree of refinement, not to order and finishing, but a " How to enjoy a comfortable life, "the fundamental method. So from the desk space around, and even work on the problems, relationships and other conditions are mentioned.

I remember he mentioned in the book his own studio, the average person first visit to his studio, the general feel that the office design is very simple and tidy, which are attributed to his super-finishing thinking of their office environment.

The book mentions that he was sorting out the carry-on items, from the beginning every day with a bag to go out, and finally boiled down to just wallet and cell phone can be, the middle of the selection process is very difficult, think of myself, I particularly like to buy Big package, in order to have enough space to hold a lot of temporary goods that are not necessarily needed very much everyday, including umbrella, mobile phone charger, note pad, card package (there are many supermarkets or store membership cards), etc. , Etc., in order to allow myself to have a sense of security that can not tell ..., (with each looking for something will be turned over to find for a long time) After reading the book and then think back to myself, the wallet can not be combined with the wallet under the card package Why do so many cards to carry it every day, whether the phone can act as a note paste function ... Although the surface, these have little effect on our lives, and if every day to take the time to think about what to bring today with what It may be troublesome, but not only can the efficiency of work be greatly enhanced, but also the finishing process can be very beneficial to yourself. Things can not see the level of severity needed, the temporary items too much, only the more stacked, the original clear ideas because the items become more and become unclear (so I want to say is to distinguish important ideas and methods are Important) Setting priorities for training things like this while getting enough experience can improve working sophistication.

When I made my own page as an example, I sometimes came up with some ideas. I also found the material very well, and I felt perfect. However, there was always a sense of indefinableness on the page. I remember when Lynx, a senior to teach me to do when the first page to put the main text messages, and then slowly add elements to improve the page, rather than the beginning of all the materials are stacked up, and then slowly choose , The process of trade-offs can be difficult. Take a step back and look at your own work is a good way to keep the distance and see the priority of the order of information (here I want to say is how to distinguish the importance of information on the ability to highlight it), the first page of information Sort by priority, give up fancy decorative elements, go to simplicity, only the information level clear and then add brick, to know how to give up, the creation of the surface form is not equal to the fundamental way to solve the problem, to make the design better Designed for communication between linked goods and consumers.

Here also can be mentioned is that previously encountered a predecessor, he is very focused on layer finishing, many people may start to pay attention to the classification of layers, but in progress slowly forgot to layer Sorting, often to the end to take a unified approach, but he did from start to finish have formed a good habit of layering; here also want to say is that he will also do all sorts of effects they have done, Easy to use the next design to use similar effects can be used directly, a very efficient way.

Always wanted to do more creative design, but now the performance of the Internet is too much and too much ... Sato in his book also mentioned the memory tag, also known as the memory engine - to label their own things For example, when searching for other people's works, you may find that good material can be labeled in the brain. A logo, a print, an illustration, and a performance technique may serve as inspirational materials in the future source. "It is very important that I try to look at the issues from different perspectives to create unprecedented value, so I've been struggling to look at things from different perspectives. Of course, creativity should be integrated with the whole design without going against the ultimate starting point." Sato wrote in the book.

Finishing your own heart is also very important, when worries write down their own feelings, to receive their own tasks do not know how to start continuing, for example, can not write down their own point, you can not continue from the list of what are the reasons listed A few points, and then one by one to list what can be solved ... Perhaps this is also a good way, sometimes because of the time rush, painless and no idea, this time the design can not continue, but imminent, try this To clear their thoughts is a good way to get it, only when their hearts calm down to be able to accomplish one thing well ... Design always feel why people always read do not understand that since the effective design, in fact Just because I did not properly organize the things I want to express, and the result is faithfully presented in the works, it extends to the communication and is what I want to say next.

Use "communication" to tap each other's real thoughts

Take a look at Sato in the book mentioned his finishing a summary of the way chart:

As you can see from the chart, the first step in all things is communication. The first step is a good start. The foundation is not well laid. The work behind is likely to be useless, so communication is actually very important.

In Sato's book, it is mentioned that we can find out the most appropriate way of expression by thoroughly listening to each other's questions and the contents they intend to convey. The prerequisite for this situation is that the other party has a clear direction for the improved own product, knowing what they want and knowing what is likely to exist in such a situation; or it may be the other case that the other party does not know it Then the direction of the development of their own products, then this time you often need to make a hypothesis to each other, through constant rhetorical questions, gradually find each other's hearts in the image, so that the unconscious turn the other conscious. This situation often occurs in our design process, the demand side do not know what exactly they need is what effect, this time more need to first listen to their demands, and then through repeated questions to determine the final appeal , Pre-communication is not in place, the work behind may encounter many unnecessary difficulties. This is often encountered in the process of modification, simply modify the color, size, change position is only their own in accordance with their own experience to modify the program, not necessarily the best solution ... Due to multiple modifications to the final draft, Probably not the effect you are trying to start, but looking at all the information points is the best way to say it. When thinking encounters a bottleneck and finds communication difficult, try changing the perspective of observation and may have unexpected results.

Completion of a work, the demand for your design can not understand from the beginning, this time to make your design language is particularly important, and strive to improve language skills, to design their own professional. Of course, the result of the design is not to persuade others, but to arouse the sympathy of others, timely conviction of each other, and inevitably lead to conflict with each other in the future.

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