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In recent years, the Internet station "> personal webmaster number into geometric multiples of the rise, which also prompted the major IDC actively launched a variety of virtual host and rental space to deal with. Compared with only to do a small web site, web space requirements for the webmaster, the virtual host is their best choice, after all, the site has no income or very small income, buy space they pay more attention to price factors, Also the requirement that the space capacity is not too high directly leads to the possibility that they cannot choose to hire or rent a server alone. For some of the server space requirements, at the same time there is a certain demand for the price, or do BBS-type site webmaster, the rental space is their best choice. For a large personal site or forum webmaster, independent server is necessary. The following author to give you a concrete analysis of what kind of Web site should choose which server.

1. Virtual Host

Virtual host is currently the largest market demand, but also the major IDC main push products. This is the owner of the internet on the many small personal web site decided. At present, the Internet has a certain understanding of users, want to have their own personal site, and they are the minimum of all aspects of the server, only need to have a certain amount of storage space to put a few pages or some simple web procedures can be, general space in the 50-200MB can meet their needs, It will naturally not consider buying a server.

2. Rental Space

A rental server is a consortium or a tenant to find several individuals or groups who need to use a Web server to hire a single network server. Each franchisee enjoys a basic consistent server resource, which is rented by the consortium or the initiator on behalf of the user group, and the host resources are evenly distributed by all users. For example: 10000/year of the host one, by 20 users together to rent, that is, 500 yuan per user/year.

The rental server often has a large storage space, the manager of the server resources generally will not have too much restrictions, even if there is a limit, the individual has the server resources are very large. This kind of space is very suitable for those who need large storage space, or need higher server resources of the webmaster to buy.

3, Independent server

Use independent server webmaster can be said to be all personal webmaster is the highest level, can choose Independent server webmaster generally have a very large site, and most of these sites have a certain income, or the webmaster has a large flow of webmaster, at the same time to do the site has a lot of interest. In addition some of the more interested in Network games Webmaster will also hire personal server to form a server for the majority of gamers, this type of webmaster generally have a stable job, but it has a very big interest in online games. However, a large number of owners in the selection of servers will be based on the revenue of the site to make the decision, the overall cost of the server higher requirements.

For the purchase of virtual host and rental server webmaster, server hardware by IDC to determine, we can not change it, but for the purchase of independent server webmaster, most will choose the hosting server, server hardware is basically determined by their own. Because the price of the current brand server has dropped to a lower position, and the brand server is relatively stable, therefore, many select the server webmaster will consider the choice of brand server. If you now need a server to do Web site use, then you will choose the server? The following author for you to analyze how to select a Web site server.

Choose a Web site server first of all to consider their own set up what kind of Web site, different types of Web sites for service hardware requirements have a greater difference. First, if your site is a content-oriented web site, have a large number of text and picture information needs to be stored, that hard disk space must be large enough, at the same time for security, we recommend the formation of RAID functions, in addition to store this information generally used database storage, the overall performance of the server has a certain requirements. Second, interactive Web sites, such as the requirements of the server is relatively high, the first is that such a Web site traffic is generally larger, the server's I/O features higher requirements; second, this kind of Web site commonly used database storage data, each operation to read or write data operations, And most of the webmaster based on cost considerations will be the Web server and database server integrated on a server, so the overall server performance requirements higher. In addition, due to the cost of hosting the reasons, we recommend that you buy rack-type servers.

As long as you decide what type of Web site to do, then the choice of what type of server is naturally decided, the following author for information sites and interactive website recommended two servers, I hope that the majority of the webmaster in the purchase of a server to help.

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