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The network makes friends all over the world together, but also makes the data sharing more convenient, and a variety of web-based servers are more and more, while the overall operation of the enterprise is increasingly attached to the network. Most of the service applications of enterprises are inseparable from the network, while the network can also save a lot of expenses for enterprises. Server as the most important part of the network application, a variety of services are inseparable from the server, especially the enterprise's reliance on the server is very large, such as server Let http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/32372.html "> The network printing becomes possible, lets the enterprise various business all together, easier management and so on.

and deploying these services has a certain demand for server performance, at the same time for the enterprise also need to some extent to save money for the company, although the recommendation of a server to deploy only one service, but given the problem of funding, more and more enterprises by the deployment of a number of mutually compatible services on the same server, This may have a higher performance requirement for a single server, but overall it saves a large portion of the budget for the enterprise. Today's server vendors are fully aware of this, especially in terms of processors, providing strong multitasking capabilities. So it's not hard to buy a server that can deploy multiple services.

Enterprise deployment of multiple service servers in addition to the processor to have a strong multitasking capabilities, in other hardware also have a small increase. Memory as a data exchange processing center, has a direct impact on server performance, for the server, memory can be said to be the greater the better, but also to fully consider the enterprise budget, because the price of server memory than ordinary desktop memory much higher, but there are some server products to save the overall cost, With the normal desktop memory, and because there are some technical differences between the two, I think if used as a storage server, print server and other memory requirements of the service, that can choose the latter, if it is used to deploy enterprise application servers, such as financial Management Server, it is best to choose the former.

The hard disk is the data storage center of the server, and has a certain influence on the performance of the whole server. Currently the main drive has SATA and SAS two, the former is mainly used for ordinary computers, and the latter is mainly used for servers, the biggest difference between the two is the reading speed of the data is different, in theory, SAS is common SATA hard drive more than 10 times times, in addition to the security of the SAS are also higher However, the price is also a common user, the general 73GB SAS hard Drive also needs more than 1000 prices. For use as an enterprise storage server, the author recommends using SATA hard drives, which can be made up by building a RAID 0 disk array in terms of speed, while security can be compensated by building a RAID 1 array, while others with higher requirements are best served with SAS hard drives.

In addition to the server's processor, memory, hard disk and other aspects to pay attention to, the other server's structure is also a need to focus on the object. Currently the market is the main organic rack-type server, tower server and blade server three kinds, the first two are mainly used in ordinary server applications, and blade server is mainly used in high-performance data centers. Rack server mainly consider the entire server war space, and its use of the international standard structure, mainly for web hosting deployment, due to the limitations of the internal space of the server, the scalability of the poor. The tower server, which uses a typical desktop chassis type, has a larger internal space and is therefore more prominent in extensibility, and is not suitable for deploying web hosting services because of irregular profiles. For the enterprise internally, if the space occupancy requirements are high, or need to deploy in the standard 19-inch rack, it is best to choose a rack server, if the requirements for higher scalability and lower prices, it is best to choose a tower server.

For many of the market's server products, I believe many users have not yet chosen to fit their own server products, the following author for you to recommend several suitable for deployment of multiple services High-performance server products.

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