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Absrtact: SouFun new logo Search House today announced the formal opening of the new domain name, from to, from a simple search of real estate information extended to the more relevant aspects of the room, itself that the search house in the past a period of evolution, as well as the future of the wild

SouFun new logo

House search today announced the formal opening of the new domain name, from to, from the simple "search" real estate information extended to the "room" related to a broader level, itself illustrates the search house in the past a period of evolution, as well as the future ambitions.

The first half of the house was frustrated by the dismal market environment, including the "encirclement and suppression" of second-hand intermediaries, which lasted one months. But in the first half of the anxiety, search house also hammered out a lot of things, a stake in two new house agent intermediary World Union and rich brilliant, spend a lot of money to buy another domain name, it is difficult to say this initiative to change the power is not from outside the doubt and market pressure.

For soufun future development strategy, search House founder, Chairman Tianquan said: "Search House will focus on the Internet and mobile platform construction, and constantly upgrade the real estate transactions and Internet financial services products and tools to open, share, win-win concept, for the industry to provide 360-degree full-service." ”

Through a series of changes, the future of the Search House blueprint gradually clear up, one is in the business model upgrade, in-depth offline trading, the second is to exert real estate finance, deep service.

Deep offline trading

The search for an offline transaction is not just beginning, 2011 the introduction of the house card can be seen as a search room for the first step of the transaction, although the effect is still targeted at the new house sales of advertising, but by paying a certain fee in advance to get home purchase concessions, search room card directly locked the purchase of users, to the developers to bring turnover. 2013, the search for a housing business that is the home card search income of 188 million U.S. dollars, it is in the transaction of exploration and high growth, and constantly pushed up the search house for the past two years of stock prices.

But this year, China's real estate market has plummeted. The most affected by the search house is that this part of the business directly related to the transaction, because less transactions, the relevant electricity quotient of the natural decline, the first quarter of this year's revenue growth from three digits to 10%. Second, the second-hand housing market has also brought the second-hand intermediary attitude of the rebound, second-hand intermediaries across the country have a boycott of the search house port charges too high, the final search house chairman Tianquan Bow, to second-hand intermediary charges 60 percent to quell the situation.

In the bad market environment, search house but see in the industry chain of deepening opportunities. In the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain under the circumstances of financial pressure, will inevitably bring the integration of the industry, and the need to search the house is a cut-line opportunity.

Although the search room has been in the electric business out of the first step, but in the industrial chain and did not close the combination of Tianquan to this is not to say that the current real estate and understanding of the electricity quotient is not the same, can be said to be "pseudo-electric business." The real estate transaction involves many links, the whole chain is very complex, needs the professional person completes, to search the room such internet company to make the basic is impossible.

The shares of the World Union and prosperity, no doubt solved the search house in this aspect of the problem, with the help of the upstream property agent resources and experience into the transaction, it is clear to search the room to bring more space and growth opportunities. After the transaction was completed, Tianquan also emphasized the cooperation with two new house agents, which would bring meaning to the upgrade business model, "I am convinced that this strategic partnership will be able to develop ideas for soufun closer to trading platforms and to introduce rich and professional experience".

Exerting the real estate finance

Since last year, real estate finance has almost become the line of real estate related companies standard. Search the house shares the World Union and Prosperity, but also special emphasis on the financial cooperation with the two.

After announcing the investment, Tianquan will search the house and the World Union line of cooperation described as "alongside on a big tree", he affirmed the World Bank in the financial breakthrough, "The World Lian line has a lot of things worth our learning, especially Xiangyun strategy and finance." The World Union's finance walks quickly, in the agency profession walks fastest, the most mature is the World Union, moreover is actually landed.

Since the end of last year, the company launched the "Xiangyun strategy", the most important thing is the development of financial business. The annual report of the World Union reported that, since 2012, the World Union Bank has been through the equity acquisition approach to asset management, financial services, 2013, Financial services for the World Union Bank brought 69.8592 million yuan income, growth rate is higher than the main business, which for the World Bank agent property owners of financial services. Home Cloud Loan "implemented six months, the income has reached 8.9039 million yuan."

And search the House another strategic cooperation object is rich brilliant, at present in the finance business mainly has the real estate transaction mortgage, the property mortgage loan, the home ownership guarantee, the movable property and the real estate auction and so on service, simultaneously has obtained the small loan qualification. After the strategic investment was reached, the house-building and the FTSE announced that they would finance joint ventures in 300 million and 200 million respectively.

Search the room with the advantage of the Internet and the offline layout of the financial services, this is Tianquan in the future strategy focused on a piece of business. Real estate finance will become the next profit growth point of the real estate market, the search house must not want to see their absence of this market competition. This new domain name, the representative searches the house to be all related to the House real estate service platform. After 15 years in the information service accumulation, not reconciled only to do "search" of the house, will usher in a new start?

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