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2012 is HP's strategic adjustment, in mid-May, Hewlett-Packard announced the opening Test of cloud computing services, allowing all users to register accounts and charges, in fact, HP has high hopes for the Chinese cloud computing market. After the arrival of the new CEO, Whitman, a technology product and service provider facing business integration, is eager to find new opportunities for enterprise-class business through the growth of the Chinese market.

HP expects China to become the second largest data center market by 2012. Data show that the market size of cloud computing from the original 119 billion U.S. dollars to 158 billion dollars. 90% of the companies surveyed by Hewlett-Packard said they expected to invest 100,000 to 1 million dollars a year in the cloud computing sector. In the "Twelve-Five" plan, the Chinese government has made it very clear that the development focus of the cloud computing industry, so that HP saw a huge growth in China's cloud computing market.

and in this process, mixed delivery is seen as the key to HP's Landing cloud strategy. A stark feature of HP's cloud computing is its coverage of the entire industry chain, ranging from PCs, thin clients, printers to workstations, servers, mainframes to storage, and networks.

to meet the challenge, HP needs to further improve its execution, improve its services, and "need a recovery in the Chinese market". HP has launched a converged cloud architecture in the Chinese market to try to integrate the private cloud, the public cloud and the managed cloud through the traditional IT infrastructure. This new infrastructure enables organizations to build a single architectural environment that can expand across different cloud types, unifying servers, storage, networks, software, and services.

Steve Gille, Steve Gill, China's Hewlett-Packard president, said in an interview with the network that HP's growth in the Chinese market is expected to be in line with that of the world, and HP will expand its regional footprint in China, highlighting the cloud computing business in particular to create a new business model.

But for most businesses, cloud computing is still in the "look beautiful, but the practice is still a distance" phase. Difficult to be the core of enterprise-level it. In this respect, Steve Gille said, hybrid delivery is the future of cloud computing, because of the different requirements for enterprise information security and the size of enterprises, enterprises choose different cloud computing.

On the other hand, China's cloud market is very large, almost as long as the size of the IT industry to reach a certain level of business are looking for opportunities in the cloud. HP has a virtual cloud service unit built by team members from different business units in China, which promotes cloud computing through consulting and research.

"HP's Fusion concept is not one that eats the world and wants to help customers transform rather than help them do everything." "Steve said, like your home decoration, will come up to choose furniture?" Definitely not. You may choose mahogany Furniture or American furniture, but first focus on thinking and the way to plan, and then construction. We will not be anxious.


What does HP have to do with the public cloud landing in China?

Steve Gill: Given the size of the government sector, the Government has several of the same concerns about cloud-making. The first is security, and the second is information protection, third, they usually have a data center, but in this data center to provide the government's private cloud and external public cloud services, the Government's development of these cloud computing industry has given a lot of preferential measures, and even special measures to promote. HP has 100 cloud centres of excellence worldwide, two in China, one in Tianjin, one in Beijing and HP and partners.

What is the plan for HP China to fall into the cloud?

Steve Gill: In China We have launched a number of cloud pilot projects with several customers, 3 of which have successfully completed the pilot. China's cloud market is very large, almost as long as the IT industry can be said to reach a certain level of enterprises are looking for opportunities in the cloud. Hewlett-Packard has invested 2 billion of dollars globally to help customers realize their cloud computing platform, but most Chinese customers regard the cloud as a new category of technology, in order to better help users create management and security services, HP will release two new products, one is cloud maps--cloud map, The design of cloud services can be done quickly. There is a service virtualization, can guarantee the quality of the line.

What is the difference between a Chinese enterprise's cloud computing needs and a global customer?

Steve Gill: 8 of the top 10 sites in global traffic are HP cloud customers. 4 of the world's Top 5 search engines are HP's customers. The top 3 of the most popular social media in the United States choose to use HP's cloud computing services.

The Chinese enterprise's business system is big enough for the United States, for example, we now want to work with China's telecommunications companies, let him give his business customers and core customers the ability to provide information themselves.

At present, the current situation of it in enterprises is very complex, while the Chinese enterprise-level market is more complex. HP releases the Fusion cloudcan provide customers with cloud-capable data centers, such as using a data center to provide cloud services to internal and external users, or to implement a common cloud, while providing the public cloud as a service to external users.

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