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1 IBM Cloud Computing 6+1 Solution

IBM Cloud Computing Solutions is an advanced infrastructure management platform developed by IBM Cloud Computing Center after years of exploration and practice. The solution combines the industry's latest technology, fully embodies the concept of cloud computing, has been successfully operating within IBM for many years, and has a number of customer cases around the world.

This solution can integrate the enterprise's existing infrastructure, through virtualization technology and automation technology, build the cloud computing center owned by the Enterprise, realize the unified management, unified distribution, unified deployment, unified monitoring and unified backup of the enterprise's hardware resources and software resources, and break the monopoly of the application on resources, To help enterprises realize the concept of cloud computing.

Cloud computing solutions are made up of the following components:

@ needs to be included in the cloud computing Center's hardware and software resources. Hardware can include network devices such as x86 or power machines, storage servers, switches, and routers. Software can include a variety of operating systems, middleware, databases, and applications such as AIX, Linux, DB2, WebSphere, Lotus, and rational.

@ Cloud Computing management software and IBM Tivoli Management software. Cloud computing management software is developed by IBM Cloud Computing Center, dedicated to providing cloud computing services.

@ Cloud Computing Consulting services, deployment services and customized services. Cloud computing solutions can be developed two times according to customers ' specific needs and scenarios, integrating the cloud management platform with the customer's existing software hardware.

This solution automates the management and dynamic allocation, deployment, configuration, reconfiguration, and recycling of resources, as well as automatic installation of software and applications. Cloud computing can provide users with virtual infrastructure. Users can define the composition of the virtual infrastructure, such as server configuration, quantity, storage type and size, network configuration, and so on. The user submits the request through the service interface, and the lifecycle of each request is maintained by the platform. The following figure is an IBM Cloud Computing system architecture diagram. The scheme can support 6+1 scenarios and is therefore called 6+1 solution.

2 IBM Cloud Computing Solution Value

Cloud Computing Solutions can bring the following value to the enterprise:

@ Unified Management of IT infrastructure (servers, networks, storage, software, etc.) to achieve effective control of IT resources

@ integrates standard processes and templates into IT management, reducing operational risk

@ Share resources, improve resource utilization

@ Reduce power consumption

@ Reduce system maintenance costs

@ quickly responds to enterprise demand for IT resources

3 IBM Cloud Computing Solution 6+1 Application Scenario

according to current market demand, IBM provides cloud computing solutions to customers in 6+1 way. This applies to the following 6 complete scenarios and a rapidly deployable cloud computing platform Cloudburst.

@ Software Development Test Cloud @ SaaS Cloud

@ Innovative Collaboration Cloud @ High Performance Computing Cloud

@ Cloud computing IDC @ Enterprise Cloud

3.1 Software development test Cloud

software research and development companies are facing the growing pressure to deliver high quality software that is aligned with the evolving business goals. However, there are several factors that make this goal increasingly difficult to achieve: teams often expect to deliver more applications with the same or less resources; Many teams are geographically dispersed, which poses a challenge to team collaboration; Many organizations have difficulty applying consistent processes and standards across different projects and groups.

The goal of the software development Test cloud is to provide an open, scalable, scalable software delivery environment for the small and medium development teams, small and medium software development enterprises and training tools platforms that are expected to adopt the agile development process, based on IBM's latest generation of agile software development platforms, Enables different roles in the software delivery process to collaborate more closely with agile processes in a real-time work environment, change the traditional collaborative approach of the development team, improve development efficiency, and enable the team to gain real-time access to the health status of the project and the communication of the team. Achieve complete traceability between various development artifacts and real Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

software development Test cloud will change the traditional way the development team carries out software development, making software delivery activities more efficient, more productive, more transparent and fun, and bringing the productivity and innovation capabilities of the development team to a new level.

3.2 SaaS Cloud

SaaS is a cloud of software usage patterns, traditional Web applications used as SaaS applications require a lot of hardware resources and maintenance costs, cloud computing without changing the application architecture and code, based on the implementation of Web applications to SaaS application of the smooth transition, through operating system virtualization to reduce the cost of each tenant, Improve
through lifecycle management for SaaS applications

uses the efficiency of operational dimension to reduce the operational cost.

3.3 Innovative Collaboration Cloud

as the opportunities, challenges and available human resources of globalization increase, many enterprises have promoted innovation as a priority strategy. The goal of the innovative collaboration cloud is to provide a collaborative and innovative portal for businesses and a cloud-based creative incubation environment.

3.4 high-performance Computing Cloud

provides users with a fully customizable high-performance computing environment. Users can change the computing environment according to their needs operating system, software version, node size, so as to avoid conflicts with other users. The high performance computing cloud can be a support platform for grid computing, which improves the flexibility and convenience of computing.

3.5 Cloud computing IDC

The traditional IDC mainly provides the bandwidth renting and the booking service, the service type is single, the competition is intense. With the help of IBM Cloud computing management platform, Cloud computing IDC can provide more kinds of value-added services and improve profitability. Value-added services include: cloud computing virtual infrastructure services, SaaS (software as a service) software ordering services, and so on. Cloud computing IDC also simplifies the management of IDC and responds quickly to customer needs.

3.6 Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud through the adoption of hardware device virtualization, software version standardization, System management automation and service process integration, the traditional data center has been built into a service-centric platform, the use of resources from the exclusive exclusive way to the full share of the way, The operating environment automates deployment and adjustment of resource allocations, enabling resources to be controlled to help customers build an open datacenter of business based resource sharing, service centralization, and automation.

3.7 Cloudburst Rapid Deployment Cloud

This program provides a rapidly deployable cloud computing platform. Cloud computing management capabilities and managed resources are built into the hearts of a set of blades. By using the built-in cloud management platform, users can turn the blade center into a small cloud that allows them to dynamically provide the virtual servers they need. Users can use virtual servers that are significantly larger than the number of physical machines.

4 IBM Cloud Computing Solutions Advantage

, through the IBM Cloud Computing solution, centralizes and standardizes IT resources, bringing more value to the enterprise's IT operating environment:

@ Increase productivity and business value and improve system efficiency: Through server consolidation, storage virtualization, and dynamic resource tuning, IT departments can provide levels of service at the same level and even higher levels by using a much smaller hardware configuration.

@ dramatically simplifies system management: the IT operating environment built with cloud computing makes IT systems more centralized and simpler, while reducing potential human errors through automated operations of servers, storage, and networks.

  @ Reduce IT costs: companies can help reduce the cost of IT investment and operational maintenance as a whole by reducing the cost of one-time purchases by purchasing fewer hardware devices, software licenses, and by reducing the workload of system managers through more automated management.
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