icloud was also invaded! How to realize the data leakage prevention in cloud era

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Recently, some hackers use the Apple handset icloud cloud loophole, steals the Oscar-winning actress Lawrence and so on many movie stars, the singer and the supermodel's topless, and spreads in the network wantonly. In fact, this is not the first time Hollywood actress photos were leaked, in 2011, actress Johansson's "pornographic door" incident also caused a sensation. From stars to icloud, the event not only "pits" the many Hollywood actresses, but also once again sounded the data crisis alert in the cloud services sector.

In recent years, cloud services security incidents have emerged, however, as the price of cloud data storage is falling, more and more enterprises begin to operate through the cloud, in the traditional business processing mode, the enterprise can protect the data effectively by focusing on the security focus on the export of the data center, and the application of cloud technology in the present Enterprise data is distributed to multiple data centers, which means that companies need to be protected in more places, which increases the difficulty of data protection against leaks. Therefore, today's enterprises are in urgent need of a more effective protection measures, in the use of cloud technology to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, but also to protect the full range of cloud data security. and "Data leak-proof (DLP)" Technology turned out, brought more advantages of the solution to "data-proof" software as the current social Information control technology is imperative.

"Data leak-proof" technology is also known as "Data Leakage", abbreviated to the expression of DLP (data Loss prevention). "Data leakage" is through the efficient, secure dynamic encryption and decryption technology, the document encryption protection, to achieve across the endpoint, network and storage system to automatically protect sensitive data. The data-proof system can prevent sensitive information from being leaked by email or uploading data, is copied to a removable device or downloaded from a server, the terminal security solution for the data leak-proof deployment identifies sensitive information on laptops and desktops and intercepts them in USB storage, engraving, and printing. The earliest domestic to solve the enterprise data security and the introduction of "Data leak-proof" (DLP) concept is China Road Software Co., Ltd., China Road software is currently the security of enterprise data deployment of "data-proof" (DLP) products Most manufacturers, is the first batch through the National Liberation Army, The Ministry of Public Security and the state Secret Bureau of Information Safety monitoring multi-party certification of domestic data leak-proof enterprises. At present, China Road software data Security management overall solution has covered four series, ten products, all-round to meet the needs of all sectors of the customer. and domestic some of the first line of data to prevent leakage brand comparison, China Road data security products and solutions in the use of flexibility, user-friendly, file format compatibility, operating security and other aspects have formed their own unique advantages, can be based on different industries of different security problems "the right remedy."

Taking the software data from China as an example, "Document security management System H7" (http://www.huatusoft.com/prolist-9-11.html), it uses dynamic document transparent encryption technology, virtualization technology, Identity authentication technology and hardware binding technology, combined with multidimensional classification and authority management, according to the internal staff and departments of differentiation and self-management needs, the important data for fine fine-grained rights management, effectively prevent unauthorized use and ultra vires users of the documents caused by data leaks. Data and documents protected by "Document security management System H7", can completely prevent the internal files are illegally copied, illegal browsing, illegal theft, illegal filming, the use of legitimate users, access to all without effect, but for the unauthorized users, even after the stolen forcibly opened, get is just a string of meaningless garbled, All users of any operating behavior are subject to data security management rules of effective control and monitoring, the full realization of the enterprise data security internal data leakage control deployment, with the firewall and anti-virus software and other traditional security measures to achieve enterprise data security "both inside and outside, watertight."

In the rapid development of large data, cloud computing, mobile interconnection today, the value of data is rising, that is to say, the future of personal, business and even the national information security struggle will become more and more complex, the data will be more and more leak-proof strength, however, regardless of how the external form changes, We need to protect the object or the sensitive data itself, the use of professional data-proof software to encrypt its source data, to unify the security of the data against the leak strategy to implement internal and external control system, you can improve the level of information security from the inside out.

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