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Customer experience is the key word for Oracle this week. At the same time, the company revealed the development plan after the acquisition of RightNow Technologies, including how to integrate technology into existing customer relationship management and cloud computing products.

Oracle's announcement last October of a 1.5 billion-dollar takeover of RightNow company has shocked almost all end-users and analysts in the industry. Last week, Oracle formally completed the relevant acquisitions and explained to us via webcast how Oracle and RightNow technologies complement each other.

Executives from two companies explain how Oracle's FATWIRE technology can help tap into potential customer groups. In addition, Oracle Siebel and social networking products can control market trends, ATG commerce can help customers build E-commerce, and RightNow will focus on strengthening customer service areas.

Constellation, chief executive of the Research Institute, said Oracle's acquisition focused on three areas: 1, strengthen Oracle's overall customer experience management technology, 2, push CRM software to the cloud, and 3, reach the SME market.

Wang believes that Oracle's acquisition of RightNow is focused on rival for customer service. and customer service is not the forte of Oracle, RightNow's web and social customer experience product will be merged with Oracle's own call center technology. The

Customer experience is the most frequently spoken word in the video by two company executives on the same day. Greg Gianforte, RightNow's chief executive, revealed a recent survey of customer experience data that 86% of consumers stopped buying after a bad experience, while 79% of complaints and grievances on social media platforms were ignored by businesses.

The acquisition of RightNow means Oracle will have an "unmatched" Customer experience product feature, and all products will be delivered through multiple channels, including social networks, mobile platforms and sales outlets, said Thomas Kurian, Oracle's senior vice president.

Wang adds that another focus of the acquisition of RightNow is that Oracle will move further into the cloud computing sector, and that is also a competitor. However, Wang is not a fan of Oracle's cloud computing services, which he believes is not a real multi-tenant: "Oracle does not deliver cloud services as people think." "

At the same time, Wang says RightNow has brought more than 2000 SaaS service customers to Oracle, and Oracle has, to some extent, seen RightNow as a fulcrum for its public cloud strategy. Overall, given the size of two companies, such acquisitions should have been quite successful. He said: "This is not an easy thing, if from the perspective of research and development, I give two companies a point, from the actual technical integration, I play B +." Very good overall. The

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