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From last year to now, the city has accepted the network copyright infringement cases up to 93 pieces. 61 of these were settled through a package of agreements or conciliation agreements. According to relevant sources, in the face of the increasing number of network infringement cases, the City of China Institute published Research and Analysis of the current network copyright infringement of the new characteristics, even the university campus online music, pictures and other West East, also was sued infringement.

The research points out that in recent years, the network copyright defenders have gradually shifted their attention to the campus network of major universities. Through the way of notarization and obtaining evidence to record a large amount of music, picture, film and literature which is stored on the campus network, and obtains the huge compensation by the way of the lawsuit of the first work, obtaining the satisfactory compensation and the multiple works.

To standardize the use of works on the campus network, the court holds that the host or manager of the campus net should standardize the management of the campus website through technical means. For example, for each user of the campus network to set the login name and password, the login site is limited to the library, the registered personnel to the school staff, to ensure that the campus network and the Internet is not connected to ensure that the work belongs to the copyright law in the sense of the rational use of the category, to avoid

It is understood that since last year, the city has received a total of 93 network copyright infringement cases, of which 61 are through a package agreement to reach a settlement or conciliation agreement. The case of infringing works involves 33 pieces of pictures, 28 pieces of film and television, 12 pieces of MV, 11 pieces of text. In these cases, since the plaintiff was unable to provide evidence of loss due to the infringement of the work, most of the options requested the Court to determine the amount of compensation as appropriate. The current law for discretionary compensation amount of flexibility, easy to bring the standard of compensation inconsistency, resulting in inconsistent standards of judgment.

The municipal court suggested that all levels of courts should explore the amount of compensation according to the length of the infringement time, the size of the spread, the number of network clicks, the premiere time of the works, and the popularity of the works. The judgement shall be based on the merits of the factors to be considered in determining the amount of compensation to increase transparency. Newspaper reporter Dongxin

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