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In less than half a month, this year's level 46 test will be opened FIFA. Have the small partners entered the final sprint? Today's small series for you to introduce a very suitable for "> Learn a Foreign language browser-proud Zhang browser."

Proud Zhang Browser is a domestic veteran browser, has been relying on powerful and practical features by the vast number of users, especially in the student community with very high popularity. In the internet become our life, learning indispensable tools today, proud Zhang Browser not only can make you happy to surf the internet, but also can help you to learn foreign languages easily and effectively.

Click to download proud Zhang browser:

A key translation, the length of your

Reading proving's foreign language articles, are you still looking up the words in a dictionary? Use proud Zhang Browser, you just select the text you want to translate, you can translate a key. After selecting the text, click "Translate" in the upper right of the browser and select "Translate selected text" From the pop-up drop-down menu.

Select text to translate

Text translation

You can also choose to translate the entire page.

Web translation

You can also select a translation tool in the settings.

Translation settings

Split-screen mode, Chinese-English comparison

When learning a foreign language, do you get upset because you often need to switch back and forth between different languages? Translation alone is not enough, and this is one of the reasons why the Chinese-English comparison is widely popular. Proud Zhang Browser-specific "split-screen mode" can help you achieve the convenience of the bilingual. We simply click the "Split-screen mode" at the bottom right of the browser to display two windows in the same browser that are resizable. At this point, you can read the English-Chinese comparison. You can also display the questions in one window and show the answers in another window. Maybe there are other "play"? It depends on your imagination!

Click to download proud Zhang browser:

Split-screen mode

Wonderful articles, pictures collection

See the wonderful article with illustrations, want to save offline reading how to operate? It is the quickest way to save a Web page as a whole. The powerful screenshots feature can help you quickly save your Web page as a picture. Just click on the "Screenshot" button at the top right of the browser and choose "Screenshot of the page" to do it.

Learning experience, random thoughts with the mind

"A good memory is better than a bad pen." Learning can not be separated from notes, the good words on the Internet to write down a good sentence, or the word of the Chinese and English interpretation of the written down, all help us to better learn a foreign language. Proud Zhang Browser equipped with "proud tour Notepad" plug-in not only can realize the common functions of notebooks, but also in different devices for the synchronization of the contents of the notes, login AO account can be viewed.

Many practical features can make proud Zhang browser become your best partner on the internet to learn a foreign language. However, the key to learning a foreign language depends on our own perseverance, supplemented by the appropriate scientific methods and effective tools. I wish you all can progress in foreign language learning!

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