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Absrtact: Just 10 days after the official release of the millet router, the smart router market is adding new variables. Music video TV senior vice President Peng Gang sent a microblog, a smart router with 1T hard drive how much money is the best? Do you want to do the router, need what

Just after the millet router officially released 10 days later, the smart router market has added new variables.

Peng Gang, senior vice president of video TV, sent a microblog, "How much does a smart router with a 1T hard drive actually sell?" Music to see if you want to do the router, what kind of configuration and performance, the fans you to define it! Of course, if the music as a smart router, it will be like a super TV "twice times performance, half the price", the cost of price feedback fans friends, you look forward to it? “。

This means that the video TV is planning to be its own smart router. Ray technology to close to the music TV people ask, the other side said that music video TV to do smart router is sooner or later, this should have been prepared.

Baidu, millet are from the smart TV box to the router to the Wi-Fi has a layout, the music video TV has a TV and boxes, the lack of a router this key network portal. Another key factor is that both smart routers and smart TV boxes have ambitions to be home storage and control centers.

Routers are network hubs, and TV boxes are storage, computing centers. Smart TV boxes and smart routers are becoming convergent from each other's duties, and the goal is to be the center of the living room. They all have high-speed processors, large memory, and large storage, and the newest millet router directly loads a 1TB Seagate/Samsung SATA hard drive. Its definition of its own has become a living room computer, that is, through the Broadlink and other intelligent home remote control of the user's future home. The other previous smart hardware for the living room computer is the fast-seeding small side, which is a TV box.

In other words, smart routers and smart TV boxes want home control, storage, and computing centers. Although smart routers are better at network processing at present, smart TV boxes are better at image processing, but on the whole, they match and compete.

So what is the smart router for video TV? An intelligent home industry's own practitioners are pessimistic about this, he believes that the move is not a job, unless the box and the router to do together, otherwise it is to die. Let's be bold and assume, what is the likelihood of a video box merging with a router?

There are already some smart hardware products that are experimenting with such schemes. Huawei Me Mo Honey Box is based on the Android router, but it has HDMI output, with four core 16GPU, you can achieve video playback. Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. provides an Android network box T820 configured with 2.4g/5g dual-frequency WiFi chip, to achieve the functions of the router.

Ray Science and technology analysis that, the video TV should still launch a separate router. Because smart routers and smart TV box integration time is not mature.

Smart routers are mostly based on openwrt systems, not Android, which is better at the router itself. Can smart TV boxes be based on OpenWrt? This is not realistic, intelligent router interaction is more low-frequency, simple, so need a lot of transformation work to meet the user's TV box interaction needs.

There are also configuration gaps. Smart TV Box has entered the 4 K times, Baidu Shadow Stick 3 has been configured 4 core 2GHz CPU, 2G DDR3 memory, 8 core Gpu,8gbflash. This configuration will be dual-core 1GHz, 256M memory of the millet box dumped very far. Le C1s TV box must be upgraded into the 4 K era. More than 1 years old in the new Baidu Shadow stick 3, Millet box 4K enhanced version of the contrast has become obsolete. Therefore, the next video TV will have a new box to launch, and its router will be available.


Millet, Baidu and music as the living room of the giant in the field of intelligent television puzzle configuration, 4K content, spell application, fight the ecology. Their tentacles begin to reach other corners of the living room, first with network hubs and storage relay smart routers, and possibly other smart home appliances or smart homes, and catfish effects are spreading.

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