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Chassis is the internal parts of the computer protection shield, usually we see the PC chassis, generally have a small "waist" and bright appearance. The general server chassis is not so good-looking, high, long is the general people's initial impression of it. What secrets does the server chassis have in addition to its solid appearance?

Material heat dissipation good

in order to ensure stable server work, under normal circumstances, the server's working environment requires dry, cool. In order to achieve this requirement, the server chassis of the selection is not sloppy. Ordinary PCs use the chassis is generally used steel, and server chassis used in general have two kinds of materials-aluminum and aluminum alloy. But also useful steel plate as a material, of course, the best is the magnesium alloy chassis, but the user is not too much. If summer at room temperature is about 23 ℃ air-conditioned room, use all aluminum material chassis, feel like a bottle of frozen Cola cool yo. Of course, if it is magnesium alloy, the effect will be better.

two, reserved fan bit more

because the server uses a higher frequency of CPUs, some are dual CPUs or multiple CPUs, plus a high speed SCSI hard drive (of course more than one) and high-power power supplies, these parts emit a lot of heat, so the air quickly becomes hot. The ability to discharge these hot air efficiently as soon as possible is a prerequisite for stable server work.

General PC chassis in the cooling fan port only 2~3, respectively, in the chassis of the front bezel and the interior of the back baffle. and the server chassis needs more exhaust tuyere, and each exhaust outlet for the system different heating source for cooling. Under normal circumstances, the two sides of the chassis have two exhaust vents, one of which is designed on the side of the hard disk box, the inside of the chassis on the other side of the hard case has a reserved large fan bit, the user can install the fan to the hard disk cooling. Another outlet is designed at the top of the system expansion slot position, also in this position, the manufacturer reserved a fan bit, this vent is mainly to the system expansion card for cooling. The installed fan and the internal rotating baffle as a whole, loading and unloading is very convenient, the user installs the fan to be able to complete without using the screw.

three, good ventilation system

in order to achieve the effect of cooling, the server chassis in addition to installing more than one fan, the chassis of the cooling system is also unusual. Typically, there are two fan bits on the back of the server chassis that allow us to install two fans.

Of course these two fans are not all hair, but a blow? to form a good cooling system? The hot air in the chassis is quickly pumped out to reduce the temperature inside the chassis. In addition to these, in order to deal with the Heat master CPU, the server chassis also specifically designed for them exhaust system (in the Athlon system is more commonly used). The ventilation system is mainly a set of plastic pipe (Fig 3), the entire plastic module is covered in the CPU and memory area above, from the front of the box suction air, and then let the airflow blown through the heatsink, the last hot air through the side of the box vent, so that the CPU alone equipped with a cooling system, So that the overall performance of the server's thermal system improved a lot.

four, with redundant

from the previous introduction is not difficult to see, in order to ensure that the server uninterrupted work, redundancy technology for the most parts of the chassis, of course, fans are no exception. In order to ensure that a good cooling system in the chassis is not damaged by one or several fans, many of the server chassis now use a redundant fan that is automatically switched. When the system is working properly, the main fan works, the standby fan does not work, and the standby fan is automatically started when the main fan fails or the speed is below the specified speed. The standby fan is usually in a stop state, from the guarantee that the work fan to replace the service immediately, does not cause the system fan damage to the system internal temperature rise to create work instability or downtime phenomenon.
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