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December 15 News, Lenovo Group vice President Weidong recently received media interviews, introduced Lenovo Cloud development status. He described the corporate cloud and Lenovo Enterprise Group, which belongs to Lenovo Cloud services group, as a coupling partnership.

Coupled with Lenovo enterprise-class business

In April this year, Lenovo Group's business organization structure adjustment, cloud services business group by Lenovo Group former CTO He Zhiqiang is responsible for, and as the group president.

As the business organization structure adjusts, the cloud services business for enterprise customers and industry markets is also assigned to the cloud services business group.

Lenovo Cloud Services Group was established in the original intention: first, the establishment of Lenovo's own ecosystem. Through the establishment of "Equipment + Service" business model, to provide users with a good Lenovo experience and develop a close interactive user relationship; the second is to drive Lenovo's Internet transformation, through the development of personal cloud and enterprise cloud services business, further expand Lenovo Internet ecosystem.

Weidong said today that Lenovo Cloud will give full play to the "Equipment + services" advantage, for industry users and enterprise customers to provide the overall cloud services solution. and enterprise-class business groups in the operation of a close cooperative relationship.

Weidong said, "The Enterprise cloud service business needs to be combined with enterprise's business system, may also want to make customization, hardware and service, application development cycle and so on are also different." Therefore, the Cloud service business group and the Enterprise class business Group two parts business actually is under the association big system, has the coupling relations. ”

Layout Enterprise Cloud Services

"Lenovo Cloud is currently speeding up the layout of corporate cloud services business, in the rapid development of the industry today, this part of the business is also on a very good track." "Weidong said.

According to him, Lenovo began to lay out the business of cloud services as early as a few years ago, at present, at the SaaS, PaaS, IaaS level have conducted a deep exploration, to solve the enterprise mass data storage, distribution, management and virtual hardware resources needs.

Lenovo's corporate cloud services business mainly refers to: based on cloud storage-oriented file collaboration and management platform, the paper provides Lenovo Enterprise network disk and Lenovo private cloud storage System, realizes storage solution on demand storage, efficient management and security cooperation. At the PAAs level, the core support platform is the associative distributed cloud storage, Provide storage backup, mobile applications, digital media, large data, the Internet of Things cloud platform and product services; At the IaaS level, with the Cloud AIO as the core products, hardware and software technology, the integration of integrated enterprise cloud management platform, efficient, unlimited expansion of the cloud services solution.

In the industry solution, Lenovo Cloud is more open mentality with the industry as a whole ecosystem cooperation, and jointly build a full depth of customer service cooperation.

"Lenovo's cloud services business was not born today," says Weidong. Lenovo has an innovative incubation mechanism, the foundation of which was launched a few years ago by Lenovo Institute, only to have not packaged a business form. ”

With the development of cloud computing industry, Lenovo Enterprise Cloud services business also ushered in a high-speed growth period. According to Lenovo Cloud services group in the second quarter of 2014 earnings, the group's net income reached nearly 40 million U.S. dollars, including the rapid growth of corporate cloud services business, revenue growth of 186% year-on-year. Lenovo Enterprise Cloud Services has successfully provided services to more than 50 industries and 150,000 enterprise customers worldwide.

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